Motorcycles, dirt bikes introduce extra roadway risks | Public Safety

Motorcycles introduce extra safety considerations for riders and other motorists, and it can be especially risky for people using dirt bikes, which aren’t made to be ridden on streets.

St. Joseph Police have been having issues recently with dirt bikes being used dangerously on Belt Highway, St. Joseph Police Sgt. James Tonn said.

“We are having issues with our crotch rockets, but we also are having issues with guys wanting to ride dirt bikes out on the road,” he said.

Dirt bikes often aren’t registered for road use, Tonn said. Even if they are registered, they don’t have all the same safety features as road bikes.

“When you’re riding a dirt bike faster than you should be at night, and you don’t have headlights because the bike doesn’t come with it, guess what?” he said. “We can’t see you. Nobody can, and when you’re running faster than you should be,

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Motorcycle safety expert explains how majority of accidents can happen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Two motorcyclists are dead after two separate crashes on Jacksonville’s Westside.

There have been 41 deadly motorcycle crashes so far this year, which is double the amount from last year at this time, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said a man in his 20s was killed Friday night after crashing a stolen motorcycle on Hammond Boulevard. The man lost control and crashed into a curb. He was not wearing a helmet.

Michael Dobbs, the owner of Jacksonville Motorcycle Safety Training, said the majority of accidents happen when drivers don’t know how to brake.

“In a car, you put your foot on the brake and it stops all four tires, but on a motorcycle, you have a front brake and a rear brake, and you have to properly know how to stop both at the same time,” Dobbs said.


Dobbs said

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Studies Motorcycle ABS

Press Release | September 1, 2021

Nearly a decade after the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety first called for a federal mandate requiring street-legal motorcycles to be equipped with antilock braking systems (ABS), the data continue to pile up in favor of this lifesaving technology.

This is a press release from IIHS…

Examining fatal crash rates for 65 motorcycle models offering ABS as an option over 2013-19, the researchers found that bikes equipped with the feature were involved in 22 percent fewer fatal crashes per 10,000 registered vehicle years. A registered vehicle year is equal to one motorcycle registered for one year.

“We have known that ABS saves lives and have been saying it should be mandatory for 10 years now,” says IIHS Director of Statistical Services Eric Teoh, the author of the study. “This study is our most expansive one yet on the topic and confirms the importance of

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Safety Improvements Make Road Unsafe For Motorcycles

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Welcome to clown world….

With the strict government coronavirus restrictions easing in the United Kingdom, many people are understandably eager to start attending the many storied annual events there. One of those is the Brighton Speed Trials which have been held on Madeira Drive in Brighton since 1905. There’s a really great story about how Sir Harry Preston was able to persuade the town council into tarmacking the road as a way to attract automotive events, a strategy which worked brilliantly. Too bad Preston isn’t still around, because he might have foreseen the latest “safety” improvements applied to the road have made it unsafe for motorcycles.

Think banning motorcycles on public roads couldn’t happen? Click hereto change your mind.

File this under “ironic” or “unintended consequences” – I don’t really care which since they seem to go together

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