Video shows biker jumping off motorcycle as it goes over Daytona’s Main Street Bridge

A Georgia biker escaped serious injury and narrowly missed falling into the Halifax River Saturday by jumping off his motorcycle that was left dangling at the end of a rising half of the Main Street drawbridge in Daytona Beach.

A video recording by cameras at the bridge released by Volusia County officials on Monday shows Mark Allen Hagen, 50, of Metter, Georgia, who was in Daytona Beach for Bike Week, jumping off the motorcycle and falling onto the metal grating of the drawbridge.

Daytona Beach Police said Hagen told them he did not see the lowered arms of the drawbridge because of the rain.

Reached by telephone on Monday, a woman who addressed Hagen as “honey” asked the reporter to be patient as Hagen was slow moving. She initially asked Hagen to talk to a reporter, but when the reporter identified himself, she then said “I don’t want to

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‘The Walking Dead’ now has 5 spinoff shows. Here they all are.

TWD 1110 Daryl, Norman Reedus

“The Walking Dead” may be ending later this year, but it will live on in more shows to come.Josh Stringer/AMC

  • The Walking Dead” is ending in 2022 but has spawned many spinoff series.

  • Fear the Walking Dead” is currently in its seventh season and has been renewed for an eighth.

  • There are three more shows on the way in the next two years.

“Fear the Walking Dead” has been renewed for an eighth season.

Fear TWD season 7 Alicia

“Fear the Walking Dead” premiered in August 2015.Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Following a completely different group of survivors who started off in California, “Fear TWD” is currently in its seventh season.

It follows Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Victor (Colman Domingo) after the fallout from a nuclear warhead in Texas.

Morgan (Lennie James), Dwight (Austin Amelio), and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) from “The Walking Dead” all crossed over at various points onto the

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Paris Moves To Ban Motorcycles, The Arnold Shows Us That Size Matters, And Hitler Stole The Beetle

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There was a lot to cover on the second episode of the Motorious Podcast.

Here at Motorious, we get a lot of questions about certain stories. To further explore topics that need a little more attention, the editors hopped on for a chat. Here’s what we covered:

Paris Moves To Ban Motorcycles

News has come out of Paris, France where there’s a serious push to get all internal combustion engine motorcycles and scooters off the roads entirely. That’s right, not just stop selling them but to make driving them anywhere in the city limits illegal.

This fight isn’t about how much carbon spews out of the tailpipes of motorcycles, which is probably what you’re assuming. Instead, it’s all about noise pollution. That’s right, Parisians are sick of their city being loud. Instead of realizing that’s what you get by packing so many people

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Revived Footage Shows Classic On The Streets Of New York In The ’30s

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This restored footage shows old Chevrolets, Fords, Cadillacs and Packards in their original state, in live action.

The 1930s was a significant era for the American automotive market as people were starting to get a little more cash in their pockets and were looking to drop some doe on a new automobile. Of course, this was mainly for the later years of that particular decade due to the Great depression having sunk its teeth into the throats of Americans across the nation since 1929. The streets of big cities like New York were flowing with an abundance of passenger vehicles and luxury automobiles, and the sidewalks flourished with brightly colored clothing to show the nation’s strong recovery from the previously devastated economic era. While we could fantasize all day long about what life must have been like in the time before environmental regulations

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