Off-Road Testing VW’s Off-Road Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas Full Overview

Americans may be chomping at the bit for Ford Broncos, Jeep Wranglers, and Toyota 4Runners, but I’ve long had the theory that an all-wheel-drive crossover SUV on all-terrain tires could go 95 percent of the places that the average Wrangler or 4Runner (and eventual Bronco) owner goes off-road. I’m not talking about anything wild, like rock crawling in Moab or overlanding on the Mojave Road, but instead stuff like high-clearance 4×4 trails that dot national parks around the country, which are usually little more than a glorified forest road or hardpacked sand.

While a legion of Subaru owners (including my wife) have been proving me right for years by fitting their Outbacks, Foresters, and Crosstreks with all-terrain tires, VW thought it’d save its customers the trouble, offering up the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp to buyers inclined to explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, as I’d soon find

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