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Rye multi-sport athlete Jordan Holgerson-Rahl does it all for the Thunderbolts

Jordan Holgerson-Rahl leaps through the air during her long jump attempt at the SCL Track Championship held at Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo on April 28, 2022.

Rye High School sophomore Jordan Holgerson-Rahl is competitive at nearly everything she does. It’s a trait that has suited her well as a multi-sport athlete.

Holgerson-Rahl had already played soccer, volleyball, and basketball for the Thunderbolts this year before signing up for track and field and has not only participated in all four sports but excelled.

The long days of school and sports practices have seemingly done little to diminish her enthusiasm for competition.

“I really enjoy track,” Holgerson-Rahl said. “Not just particularly the social part but getting the experience of seeing the different varieties of athletes and seeing the throwing and the jumping and the long-distance, and the sprints and everything. It’s really fun … and a great atmosphere.”

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2023 Nissan Z, Cadillac Lyriq headline this week’s new car news and reviews

The past and the future collide this week with our coverage of excellent sports coupes and the latest 2023 redesigned and electric models. The new normal is pretty exciting. Here’s what else moved us.  

2023 Nissan Z review

The rear-wheel-drive coupe with a standard 6-speed manual honors the past while adapting to the present with an eye-catching design, a stiffer structure, more power, and a TCC Rating of 6.2 out of 10.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq preview

With a 312-mile range and $63,000 starting price, Cadillac’s first electric crossover SUV powers the American luxury brand forward. 

2023 Toyota Camry preview

The Nightshade Edition black cosmetic package returns on SE models and Toyota updated the standard safety tech on this year’s bestselling sedan. 

2022 Ford Escape review

We finally spend some time in the Escape plug-in hybrid, and find it’s living in the past. 

2022 BMW 2-Series review

The redesigned coupe catches

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The 2023 Range Rover Sport Is a Lot Like Its Big Brother

Photo credit: Land Rover

It’s been a big few years for Land Rover. In late 2019, the new Defender debuted, while last year, we got the fifth-generation flagship Range Rover. And on Tuesday, Land Rover unveiled the third-generation Range Rover Sport. Get ready to see these things crawling all over America’s major cities.

Photo credit: Land Rover

Photo credit: Land Rover

Just like the outgoing, second-generation Range Rover Sport, the new Sport shares the same platform and many goodies as the larger Range Rover. The new platform, called MLA Flex, uses more steel for added stiffness, and air springs come as standard as well as adaptive dampers. Standard on First Edition V-8 cars is the same 48-volt active anti-roll, and rear-wheel steering that come standard with the larger Range Rover. Powertrains are shared with the larger sibling, too—the base engine is a 3.0-liter straight-six with either 355 hp or 395 hp, while

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Volkswagen Golf R (2021 – present) | Expert Rating


The flagship of the eighth-generation (Mk8) Volkswagen Golf range, the Golf R is a five-door hot hatch and estate model.

Sitting above the standard Golf line-up and the performance Golf GTI model, the all-wheel drive Golf R sits at the top of the range – powered by a 315hp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This is over 70hp more than front-wheel drive alternatives like the Golf GTI and Hyundai i30 N, but this added power and grip comes at a price.

“It is a pricey machine these days”, Auto Express comments, alluding to the Golf R’s price tag that surpasses the £40k mark. Autocar recommends the Honda Civic Type R as it costs significantly less, and because it is more involving and adjustable on the road. What Car? offers up the Toyota GR Yaris instead for the same reasons.

Many reviews also criticise the

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