April 19, 2024


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The Biggest Moments From Season 3’s Super-Sized Premiere

Mayans MC revved up for a new season on Tuesday, after more than 16 months off the air — and since we last saw the motorcycle club in 2019, things have gotten bad in Santo Padre.

The two-episode Season 3 premiere revealed there’s been a shutdown at the United States-Mexico border, which has had a negative impact on just about everyone. The club is barely moving a fraction of the product it used to, the Galindos’ agro-park is in limbo now that they can’t get any supplies from Mexico, and Santo Padre at large is suffering economically while Border Patrol agents line the streets to detain undocumented immigrants.

Let’s break down the major developments from Mayans‘ XL return:

GAME OF THRONES | Ever since that ill-fated birthday party for El Palo’s mother at the end of last season, the Santo Padre Mayans have gotten the cold shoulder from the Mayan Kings for retaliating against the Vatos Malditos. And when one of Santo Padre’s drug mules gets caught and taken into custody during her run, Santo Padre shows up empty-handed to their next meeting with the Kings, making the atmosphere even chillier. In order to make up for the profit losses they’re experiencing during the border shutdown, the Kings tell Santo Padre to start providing twice the heroin they normally do, which Bishop counters is “an impossible f—kin’ ask” before refusing altogether, daring the Kings to survive without Santo Padre’s pipeline.

Mayans Season 3 Premiere

Mayans Season 3 Premiere

Later, some members from the Tucson charter go to Santo Padre and insist they need a supply of heroin in order to protect their men who are in prison. That’s when EZ, fully embracing his status as a full-fledged Santo Padre member, comes up with an alternate plan: Santo Padre will provide heroin, but the club will use Tucson as the new conduit for product and will ice out the other charter presidents, Canche and Ramos, who were initially requesting the drugs. “We dethrone Canche. We dethrone Ramos. That leaves us with one king,” EZ says, looking at Bishop. And despite the significant risk involved, the men of Santo Padre and Tucson agree to the new arrangement.

Meanwhile, there’s the pesky matter of that SAMCRO member who inadvertently got gunned down at El Palo’s mother’s party. Santo Padre hasn’t heard anything since that incident happened, but Taza is convinced that El Palo plans to retaliate for what happened at the party — and judging by El Palo’s cryptic phone conversation with a member of SAMCRO (in which he references “our little arrangement”), it seems Taza could be right.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT | After getting his hands on some Oxycontin to relieve the pain from a recent eye injury, Coco now appears to be hooked on the stuff, even willing to trade his daughter’s iPad for more pills when he runs out. His search for a new supply leads him somewhere called Meth Mountain, where he attempts to rob the ringleader, Butterfly.

Coco holds Butterfly at gunpoint and swipes a decent amount of his inventory — but as Coco is running back to his car with the drugs, Butterfly whistles for backup, and seemingly every person who resides at Meth Mountain descends upon Coco, smashing the windows of his car and dragging him out of it. The group surrounds Coco as he kneels on the ground, and even though one of the women recognizes Coco from a previous encounter she had with him and the Mayans, her recognition doesn’t save him: Another member of the group comes up behind Coco and knocks him in the head with a baseball bat.

FAMILY MATTERS | After EZ strangled Dita Galindo to death last season, something seems to have broken inside Felipe: He’s barely getting out of bed these days and won’t even acknowledge EZ when he visits the house. “I failed him, mi amor,” Felipe says aloud to his late wife while looking at a photo of a young EZ. But later, EZ’s new love interest, Gaby, offers to clean up Felipe’s neglected kitchen and make him some food while EZ deals with club business, and Felipe begrudgingly gets out of bed and shares a meal with Gaby upon finding her in his home. As soon as EZ returns, though, Felipe’s mood sours again: “I don’t need a f—kin’ babysitter,” he tells his son and retreats to his bedroom.

Mayans Season 3 Premiere

Mayans Season 3 Premiere


| Over at the Galindo house, Mayor Pena takes Emily to task for not doing more to help Santo Padre’s failing economy, which Miguel later assures Emily is not their responsibility. But Miguel isn’t all that concerned about the agro-park ordeal, anyway: Not only is he cheating on Emily with Mexican governor Sederica Palomo, but he’s still distraught over his mother’s “suicide,” and he even goes to Dita’s therapist to try and get intel on why she took her own life. “Did she blame me?” Miguel sobs to the woman. “Did she do this to punish me?”

But the therapist insists she can’t reveal details of her sessions with Dita, much to Miguel’s fury, and he later enlists Nestor and Paco to murder her while she’s out on a dog walk. (I am, shall we say, abnormally concerned about where that poor dog went after his owner was killed in the street. He even tried to protect her! I’m distraught!) And in the evening’s second episode, Miguel ultimately kills Paco, too,
for being so negligent as to let Dita drive off that night and end her life. Poor Paco left his son at home alone to take this meeting with Miguel, because he couldn’t find a babysitter on such short notice; I have to assume Alvarez and his wife will take the child in, otherwise this whole scene is just unspeakably distressing.

REBEL YELL | Last but not least, there’s Adelita, who is still being tortured under the Department of Justice’s watchful eye. But in a surprising turn of events, Potter — who’s supposed to be on leave right now — arranges to have Adelita handed back over to Mexican authorities. “They’ll kill her as soon as she’s on Mexican soil,” a DOJ agent observes, and Anna Linares sadly agrees. But seeing as the transfer is out of their control, the women see it through… and unbeknownst to them, it’s actually Adelita’s rebel group, Los Olvidados, who have come to save her.

Los Olvidados take Adelita to their new headquarters, and she seems withdrawn and uninterested. But when Adelita hears that her young partner-in-crime Mini left the group in Adelita’s absence (after allegedly becoming “problematic”), Adelita is furious that the group let her go, and she later flees the building altogether.

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