April 13, 2024


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The Bowlus Road Chief Terra Firma Is One Luxurious Aluminum Camper

Hey you! Get outta town! No, seriously. Get out of town and go on a hike, scenic drive, or pitch camp at your closest National Park before this year’s burnout sets in. If you endeavor to hit the open road and play nomad for a bit, you don’t have to do anything fancy; sleep in the back of your truck bed, claim a plot at an established campground, or rent a camper. As long as you’re exploring, you’re good. If you’ve got beaucoup GME-sourced bucks to toss around and a penchant for all things fancy, we highly suggest hitting the road with Bowlus’ new lightweight limited-edition Road Chief Terra Firma camper trailer that’s loaded to the rivets with hi-tech features and plush amenities.

The headline feature here is the Terra Firma’s 8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which according to Bowlus provides up to two weeks of off-grid living without a recharge. When you do drain that big ‘ol brick, you’ll discover it charges to full in just three to four hours on the right charger. Owners can fiddle with the Bowlus Power Management System via their smartphone, which allows users to control the supplied power, as well as the heated floors, as they prepare to return from the slopes.

If you happen to share a base camp with an electric vehicle or find one stranded on the side of the road, you can be a friendly neighbor and provide up to 16 miles of charge to “EV SUVs currently on the market,” according to Bowlus. If you want to help but still want to maintain social distance during this pandemic, just chill out in the trailer. After all, the Terra Firma packs HEPA air filters and UVC lighting for disinfection, while a built-in air-conditioning system keeps things cool. Thirsty or hungry? Onboard freshwater filtration will keep that Nalgene topped-off, and a microwave will have you stuffing yourself with snacks in no time.

For the furrier friends that might tag along on your adventures, the camper includes slide-out food and water bowls, as well as a dog bed. While you hike, ski, or kayak, you can keep an eye on the trailer temp through the aforementioned Power Management System to keep your pet cozy. If you think the dogs have it good, wait until you see how the Terra Firma accommodates us bipeds. Aside from the built-in bathroom pod and large-ish sleeping area, all materials and upholstery in the sitting area is of the highest quality and can be customized based on preference. Bowlus crunched the numbers and claims there are more than 56 million different color and material combinations available. Shoot, we were hoping for at least 60 million …

Just like Airstream, the camper is almost as nice to look at as it is to stay in. Each camper starts as a hand-welded aluminum spaceframe, soon overlaid with eighty polished aluminum panels fastened with 5,000 rivets. After construction, more than 100 hours are spent polishing this bougie-tube until it blinds with a mirror finish.

Thanks to its aluminum construction and clever engineering, the trailer only tips the scales at 3,200 pounds, meaning most larger crossover SUVs can tug this camper around the world without much issue. Unfortunately, the same lightweight concepts cannot be applied to your wallet, and each Bowlus Terra Firma trailer starts at a whopping $265,000—or just under the national average for a single-family home. Hey, you can’t take that three-bed brick-and-mortar two-story with you to the Mojave desert, but you sure can take the Bowlus virtually wherever you want. We know which one we’d pick.