June 16, 2024


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The Original Motorcycle Touring Chair – 100% Made In The USA

The Kermit Chair 4

This is the Kermit Chair, and if you’ve ever been on a cross-country motorcycle camping trip you’ve almost certainly needed one. That time between parking the bike and actually going to bed leaves you with no place to sit other than the dirt or on a log, rock, or whatever else might be laying around.

The Kermit Chair is made in Tennessee from locally-sourced white oak, it has aluminum and stainless steel hardware for toughness and longevity, and the wood is double-dipped in marine-grade polyurethane which protects it for a lifetime.

The Kermit Chair 3

Image DescriptionThe Kermit Chair is offered in a range of different colors including Green, Black, Navy, Tan, Light Blue, Black, and the color shown here – Burgundy.

You might be wondering where the name “Kermit” came from, I know I was so I read up on it. The chair was invented in 1984 by a BMW motorcyclist named Kermit, he wanted a folding chair to sit on at the end of a day’s riding and didn’t like any of the other offerings on the market – so he designed his own from wood, metal, and 1000-denier coated nylon.

Kermit’s fellow riders quickly noticed the chair and began asking him to build and sell them, which he did, and the company quickly grew into what it is today. It’s now possible to order both standard and wide versions of the chair, in a variety of colors and wood finishes, with pricing starting at $269 USD.

The Kermit Chair Cup Holder

Image DescriptionA number of additional accessories can be bought to accompany the chair, including the cup holder (shown here) and the leg extensions (shown down below).

Each Kermit Chair can be folded up normally for storage, they can also be quickly disassembled and packed in a supplied carrying bag to a portable size of 22” long by 6” wide, making it ideal for packing away on a motorcycle where space is at a premium.

Each one of these chairs weighs in at 5.5 lbs or approximately 2.5 kgs, they have a maximum capacity of 350 lbs or 158 kgs, and they can be ordered with extra items like leg extensions, folding tables, and cup holders.

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The Kermit Chair Leg Extensions
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The Kermit Chair

The Kermit Chair 4