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The Valtcan Titanium Hip Flask

Valtcan Titanium Hip Flask

This is the Valtcan titanium hip flask, and as the name implies, it’s a hip flask designed from titanium.

Titanium is an ideal content for this software as it doesn’t respond with the liquor, it is lightweight, and it’s incredibly strong.

The primary motive metals like copper, stainless metal, or pewter are generally utilized is a blend of custom and charge effectiveness – titanium is a quite high-priced substance to deliver and do the job with following all.

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Image DescriptionThis flask can comprise up to 260 ml or 8.8 fl oz of your most loved tipple, and when empty it weighs just 144 grams or 3.8 oz.

Each individual Valtcan titanium hip flask has an internal volume of 260 ml or 8.8 fl oz and they come with a secure cap that is fastened at the shoulder to ensure it does not go missing.

They measure in at 5.4 inches tall (with the lid), 3.9 inches in width, and about .65 inches in depth. When empty the flask weighs just 144 grams or 3.8 oz, each individual flask arrives with a funnel and a carrying case, and they cost $52 USD apiece.

Valtcan was founded by a pair named Flora and Wilson who wanted to provide a total line of camping, survival, and EDC gear to marketplace that was all titanium. Considering the fact that launching they’ve produced dozens of items and they offer you 30 working day returns.

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Valtcan Titanium Hip Flask