September 26, 2023


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Unitronic Mk8 GTi / Golf R and Audi 8Y S3 2.0T EVO4 Software Now Available! – UroTuning



For end users with obtain to a prepped floor or with drag radials/slicks who think they can deal with a bit far more on the launch, not only do we have Eu calibrations with improved torque on start accessible, but you can benefit from our Adjustable Launch Control to pick amongst 3500rpm and 4000rpm setpoints. The better 4000rpm start control setpoint is engaged with the kickdown button at the stop of the accelerator pedal journey. It is really significant to observe that it will not quit here for our advancement workforce as we’re dedicated and anxiously looking forward to getting the dev automobiles back again to the observe in the close to potential to continue to thrust onward in our in no way-ending pursuit to more strengthen on our benefits and welcome feedback, data, and information and facts from our clients all about the globe.


Unitronic’s Carbon Fiber Intake Procedure and Air Duct is now offered for the MK8 GTI with MK8 Golf R and 8Y S3 fitment coming quickly. This total process optimizes airflow, increases throttle reaction and enhances turbo induction sounds when supplying seamless integration and an aggressive carbon fiber presence in the motor bay. Also accessible for these new autos is Unitronic’s Intercooler Upgrade which offers a remarkable reduction in cost air temperatures to guarantee peak performance is attained and sustained even though resisting warmth-soak immediately after recurring efforts and in harsh climates and ailments.



Ecu Application Attributes


 Optimized Responsiveness, Smoothness, Drivability, and Ease and comfort

Unitronic’s Ecu calibrations are engineered to increase engine reaction and minimize low-end lag. Unitronic’s Functionality Software program has obtained all over the world recognition and is perfectly regarded for its wide powerband, with easy electric power shipping, maximizing responsiveness and “area under the curve”, less than normal and challenging acceleration.

 Ignition Timing Specifically Calibrated for Bigger Octane Gasoline

Engine calibration optimized to just take gain of larger fuel high-quality to extract utmost energy from the combustion. Thus, when employing a better octane gas, extra electricity and superior gasoline efficiency will be obtained.

 Optimized Most Output

Unitronic’s Ecu Calibrators produce the optimum electric power output though remaining in the operational limitations of the factory engine and drivetrain factors. Particularly, this final results in the highest motor overall performance with no sacrificing the trustworthiness of the motor, turbocharger, or other engine and drivetrain components.

 Manufacturing unit Basic safety Limiters Retained

OEM “fail safes” are retained inside the Ecu calibration. Shut checking of all procedure parameters assures that engine operation stays in factory elements limitations, resulting in trustworthiness.

 Electrical power Delivery Completely Optimized In the course of the Electric power Band

Aligned with the OEM system, the calibration is developed to offer you a substantial flat torque plateau to offer a easy and linear energy band. Maximum torque output is reached sooner and taken care of lengthier which makes a broader torque plateau and higher region under the curve. This success in an improved acceleration and optimum engine operation.

 Speed Governor Eradicated

Car pace limiter within just Eu is eliminated. (Subject to transmission rotational velocity limit.)

 Improved Gasoline Performance

Optimized timing and injection in cruising situation will allow for an enhanced gasoline effectiveness, under normalized driving conditions.

 Engineered with Rigorous Sector Requirements

With around 10 years of knowledge with Bosch and Siemens motor administration devices and calibrations, Unitronic is in a position to use its knowledge, sector leading resources and tools to ensure an best calibration delivering greatest effectiveness, although protecting complete OEM-like dependability and drivability.

 Thoroughly Examined Under Several Driving Disorders

Enhancement starts applying Unitronic’s in-property Maha Chassis dyno housed in an environmentally controlled cell carefully monitoring a plethora of operational info, making use of industry major calibration applications and assets. Beta calibrations are then analyzed in road and observe scenarios, employing multiple cars and trucks under several driving disorders. This engine calibration tactic ensures Unitronic Functionality Software package provides highest effectiveness, OEM-like drivability and dependability wherever in the world. Unitronic Functionality Program is only produced to its Clients once enhancement is thoroughly accomplished in accordance to Unitronic’s strict requirements.