December 8, 2022


Automotive to Us

Workman Road Homeless Camp Cleared Out By Motorcycle Store Formerly Operated By Mayor Kelly

A large homeless camp on Workman Road has been cleared out by the motorcycle business formerly operated by Mayor Tim Kelly.


Mayor Kelly is no longer involved in the operation of his former businesses, city spokesperson Mary Beth Ikard said.


She said, “Southern Honda Power Sports paid a contractor to come in and help clear the property. The property realtor requested removal of the homeless encampment in order to close a sale on the property.”



Ikard said all those who were at the homeless camp “were offered access to hotel rooms but many unhoused individuals for whatever reason sometimes refuse.”


She said 45 people were living there and 28 accepted the offer of hotel housing and other services.


Ms. Ikard said the city’s Office of Homelessness and Supportive Housing helped to triage on the Workman Road location, but city Public Works was not involved.


Two large dumpsters full of trash and debris are at the site.


Mayor Kelly owns the motorcycle business property as well as several nearby parcels, including one across Workman Road.


The railroad owns a long strip on which there were a number of homeless campers.


Some of the homeless have set up further down Workman Road on the opposite side of Chattanooga Creek.


Robert Gustafson, who works with the homeless in that vicinity, said those living at Workman Road were given advance notice of the displacement.