September 24, 2023


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Wrong Fueling, A Deadly Mistake That Can Prove to be Costly

You‘ve had a long day at the office and on the way back home, the fuel light illuminates your car. You pull up to the nearest petrol station and start filling up the fuel with your brain wandering miles away. Suddenly you realize that you have mistakenly picked up the wrong nozzle and have put the wrong fuel in the tank of your car. It’s too late now as you have already shifted many liters of the wrong fuel and the damage seems to be irreversible.

There is no need to beat yourself in despair as nearly 150000 drivers in the United Kingdom make the same mistake every year. It could be due to a lapse of concentration or a genuine mistake, but one thing is certain, your vehicle could sustain a huge amount of damage if immediate preventative steps are not taken. Such action’s consequences depend on your response to such an error.

If you happen to be in such a situation and are looking for help, then the following are the steps you should take immediately to reduce the damage your vehicle may sustain otherwise. First of all, it is better to avoid making such a mistake, and here is how you can do this.

How to Avoid a Wrong Fuel Disaster?

If you own a vehicle and drive it daily then filling it up is a routine that you must be familiar with. You pull up at the fuel station, fill the car up, pay up and drive away. However, we all make mistakes from time to time and you may fill your car with the wrong fuel without noticing it. There are ways that you can prevent such a disaster. Following are the ways that can prevent you from the wrong fuel disaster.

Petrol and diesel nozzles at every petrol station are color-coded and are of different colors. On top of that, these are marked. You need to pay complete concentration to ensure that you put in the right type of fuel that is recommended for your vehicle.

It is not easy to put the diesel in the petrol tank as the opening for the petrol vehicle tanks is smaller than the diesel nozzle and it is almost impossible to insert it in the smaller opening. However, diesel vehicles are more prone to mistakes as you can easily insert the petrol nozzle in the wider openings of the diesel tank.  You can install a device that prevents the petrol nozzle from entering the diesel tank opening.

You can place a sticker next to the filler cap that can constantly remind you about the right kind of fuel. Now, if you do make a such mistake then there are ways that you can limit the damage.

How Much Wrong Fuel is in the Tank?

Once you have committed the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in the tank of your car, the most important thing is to do as soon as you realize your mistake, and stop immediately. As long as you have around 5% wrong fuel of the total capacity, it is said you can get away with it as long as you fill the tank with the right sort of fuel. However, to be on the safe side, you should always get the wrong fuel drained to prevent your engine from damage.

Keep Your Keys Away from Ignition

Adhering to this step makes the difference between a simple fuel drainage bill and a complete engine rebuild. Simply turning a half key could turn the fuel pump on and this means the fuel could circulate in the fuel line and engine itself. Once that is done. The damage is not reversible and the possibility is that you may have to pay a hefty amount for the engine rebuild.

Turn to Professionals for Help Immediately

The only solution, once the wrong fuel is in the tank of your vehicle, is to get the fuel drain before it damages the engine. Some professionals have dedicated equipment and a trained workforce to drain the wrong fuel from the tank of your vehicle. They can also flush out your engine and clean out your vehicle’s fuel line. As long as you can call them, they can send their mobile units that are fully equipped and, on the road, to assist 24/7. If you have deeper problems that can not be fixed by those roadside wrong fuel assistance then they can recover your vehicle to the nearest specialist.

What is the Cost of Road Side Assistance?

As long as you know the right people, it should not cost you an arm and a leg. Most garages would quote you in the range of £200-300 to drain the wrong fuel and flush your engine and your local mechanic may charge you a little less. Depending on the insurance, your damage can be covered. However, there is an excess charge that you should be aware of.GMM1 manages a large fleet of fully equipped wrong fuel recovery vehicles that are driven by expert and experienced technicians who can help you recover the wrong fuel while you are stuck on the roadside and get you back on the road. They provide excellent service at incredibly low prices. You can contact them any time as their service is available 24/7.