June 19, 2024


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2 deadly motorcycle crashes in 2 days a reminder to practice safe riding

Two deadly motorcycle crashes in as many days in Orange County have authorities stressing the importance of safety on the road.

Experts told FOX 35 News they saw some video of these crashes, and they suspect speeding had to be a factor, just based on the damage alone. That’s why they say more training and safety needs to happen with motorcyclists.

A motorcyclist is dead, and his bike is in pieces after colliding with a car on Dean Road in Orange County Wednesday. 

“It’s pretty sad, especially because you know that could be somebody’s dad or husband,” said neighbor Allison Cintron.

Another deadly crash happened Tuesday after a motorcyclist slammed into a Denny’s in Winter Park. 

“I was working inside and we heard glass shatter and I walked over and I seen the man laying there,” one employee told FOX 35.

Jeff Smith with Adventure Rider Training saw a video from both of these crashes.

“It appears that both crashes had speeding as a contributing factor and not just speeding, but egregious speeding,” said Smith.

Both crashes involved motorcyclists in their 20s. Smith says younger motorcyclists need to recognize that despite their youth and good health, they’re not going to be able to survive a crash if they’re driving so far above the speed limit.

The basic motorcycle training course in Florida is 15 hours and can be done in two to three days. Jeff Smith struggles to get students to sign up for the more advanced half-day courses. 

“Those skills are perishable. And they have to constantly practice techniques like quick stops, cornering at higher speeds, swerve techniques.”

Over the years, he says motorcycles have become safer with better tires, brakes, engines, and crash avoidance systems, but “those are just small tools in a toolbox that ultimately requires the rider be paying more attention.”

This all comes as Bike Week is set to start next week bringing hundreds of thousands of bikers to central Florida.

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