Motorcycle crashes in Clarksville double; police track dangerous trend

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Clarksville Police Department is tracking a dangerous trend — accidents involving motorcycles are at their highest number since 2018.

The department reported 17 crashes so far this year, compared to the eight they responded to during the same time period in 2021. Now, they are reminding drivers, with warmer weather ahead, more motorcyclists will be on the roadway.

“His motorcycle was actually his favorite thing he had, he rode it to the gym every single day and rode it every opportunity he got. It was his favorite thing,” said Nicholas Harris.

On Wednesday, Nicholas’ brother, Joshua Harris, was killed in a motorcycle accident, the latest fatality. According to police, crews responded to a two-vehicle crash on Ft. Campbell Blvd, in front of Autozone. Police say, just before 9 p.m. the driver of a Ford Transit was making a

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2 deadly motorcycle crashes in 2 days a reminder to practice safe riding

Two deadly motorcycle crashes in as many days in Orange County have authorities stressing the importance of safety on the road.

Experts told FOX 35 News they saw some video of these crashes, and they suspect speeding had to be a factor, just based on the damage alone. That’s why they say more training and safety needs to happen with motorcyclists.

A motorcyclist is dead, and his bike is in pieces after colliding with a car on Dean Road in Orange County Wednesday. 

“It’s pretty sad, especially because you know that could be somebody’s dad or husband,”

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4 dead in 48 hours from motorcycle crashes on Austin roads

It was a deadly 48 hours for motorcycle riders on Austin roadways.

Since Wednesday four people have died in a motorcycle crash, three happened within the span of nine hours

“Some of them happened during the day and some of them happened at night, but they were all on major roadways and well-lit areas,” said Captain Christa Stedman with Austin-Travis County EMS.

The first deadly crash happened Wednesday on Mopac near William Cannon. The next, Thursday afternoon along I-35, which resulted in both the upper deck and lower deck of the northbound lanes being shut down.

The other two crashes happened on Ed Bluestein Boulevard and research Boulevard.

Alongside the deaths, Austin-Travis County EMS reported a total

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Austin sees 11 motorcycle crashes in 72 hours

AUSTIN (KXAN) — At least 11 motorcycle crashes have occurred in Austin within the last three days. Almost all of these resulted in serious injuries and at least four were fatal, said Austin-Travis County EMS.

On average, one motorcyclist dies in a Texas crash every day, the Texas Department of Transportation reported on its website.

This means the Austin rate of motorcyclist deaths in the last 72 hours is at least 1.3 times the normal rate of all of Texas. 

Hunter Coleman, a shop manager at Austin City Powersports, said one of the reasons Austin is such a hard environment for motorcyclists to navigate is the amount of traffic in the city.  

“People are always cutting each other off in traffic and, you know, in a car

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