July 14, 2024


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2004 Yamaha Road Star XV17AS/C

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It’s time to hit the open road and have some adventures.

Welcome to Motorious’ Motorcycle Monday, where we highlight an interesting ride from our inventory for your consideration. If you’re a fan of big cruiser motorcycles but aren’t so keen on Harley-Davidson, or you’re just looking for a solid deal, this Yamaha Road Star XV17AS/C is definitely worth looking over. It has that classic look so many love, plus it’s renowned for being a low-hassle and low-cost ride to keep around.

White fenders and fuel tank are offset by plenty of black and chrome trim, so no one element is absolutely dominating the appearance. Some people want a sinister ride, but this one will appeal to someone wanting more balance.  You’ll note the large headlight is flanked by two spot lamps, which are both LEDs.

Onboard is a 1670cc V-Twin carbureted engine backed by a five-speed transmission. This motorcycle is well-known for being low-maintenance, so if you’re looking for a ride that won’t give you much grief, this one could be a good fit. The Vance & Hines exhaust isn’t overly loud, and everyone has an opinion on whether that’s good or not.

As is the case with any cruiser, this Yamaha has been built for comfort even on the longest rides at highway speeds. That’s evident with the broad and well-padded mustang seat, plus the fact there are rider and passenger floorboards (they’re adjustable for the passenger). The passenger also gets a backrest. A heel-toe shifter makes life simpler for the rider. Located on both sides, the saddlebags are lockable, so you can stow what you need without worry. A luggage rack in the rear allows you to carry more gear, like sleeping bags or a small tent, making this a more practical weekend getaway vehicle.

It’s always refreshing when you see a dealer who’s upfront about the condition of a vehicle. That’s exactly the approach American Motorcycle Trading Company takes with this 2004 Yamaha Road Star XV17AS/C. Instead of going on about how it’s in perfect condition, they highlight how the bike has some chips and scratches as well as a dent in the front fender. The kickstand is also slightly bent. This Yamaha has definitely been ridden, as the 47,851 miles on the odometer attest, so it comes at a lower price than some might be expecting.

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