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Is It Worth for Driving! Reviewed By NewDailyGadgets

02/03/2021, Hong Kong // KISSPR //

Having a Clear View of the road is vital to have a safe ride. In broad daylight, you might not have any issue like such. Also, the traffic barely lets you move around freely. But at night time, things get a lot crazier.

The night time only represents 10% of the car traffic. And it is the time when most of the fatal accidents take place. No doubt, getting an empty road makes people go wild. That’s one reason. But not having a clear vision of the road is often the root cause of it.

With ClearView, the best night vision glasses for driving, you can overcome that problem just like that. But does it work?

In this ClearView review, we’re going to find out just that.

What is ClearView?

ClearView is just a standard pair of glasses. At first sight, that is what it looks like. The specs have a nice frame and some yellow glasses. It doesn’t have any awkward design or anything. Because It seems like a regular pair of specs, so, you can use it for daily use.

Now, the Yellow glasses on the frame are the real difference maker here. That’s because the yellow color lenses are the thing that filter out the light. It reduces the amount of light entering it, which is why when a sudden headlight flashes in front of you at night, you still can see things.

The suddenness of the light flashing on the eyes doesn’t make you blind and compromise the vision. Other color lenses won’t be able to do that.

That’s what ClearView is. It’s a night vision glass that helps you to keep your eye on the road.


Why is night driving unsafe?

At night time, everything looks the same. By that, everything looks gray, and that makes a lot of sense. When light reflects from an object and comes to our eyes, only then we distinguish their color. No light at night, so no clear visual cues.

Not only that, even the field of view gets narrowed down. You don’t have a clear idea of what’s ahead or on the sides in simple words. All you’ve got the headlight, which helps you to get the view of the road ahead.

Plus, there are those blue street lights too. They also try to help you get some view of the area, but that’s not even that helpful at times. Besides your car headlight, other people also got their lights on while riding at night. And when all of a sudden, out of the darkness, such light appears, there is a glare that is inevitable to meet the eyes and creates lightning flashes in front of yours, which can meddle with the eyesight.

It takes time for the pupil to react to that and recover. Till that moment, you’re blind, and that’s the last thing you want when riding at night on the road. That’s what makes night driving so dangerous.

How ClearView night glasses get made?

To improving your perception of the roads, there is something called night driving glasses. And not just the night, ClearView help to get a clear view of the things in front of you in all conditions.

In simple words, they let you have a good view of the surroundings even when it is dark. But they aren’t any different than the regular sunglasses that you wear. They look the same, just with a colored lens that usually is a bit yellow or orange. These aren’t your typical glass lenses. These are polarized night driving glasses.

And these polarized lenses are what that filters the light from coming to your eyes. They do that with the help of a special kind of chemical applied to them.


Now, choosing these polarized glasses, users need to be careful about them as different types are available. For instance, the cheap kind has a simple filter on the glasses stuck to reduce the light coming to the eyes. They work, OK. But they are also accused of distorting vision, which does more bad than good.

Then there is the second type, like the ClearView. Night vision glasses show that they got the polarized lenses integrated directly into the mirrors when they get manufactured. Not like the earlier one where it gets attached on top of it. It gets embedded at the time of the making of the glasses itself. That makes them better as they filter out the light beams without causing any deformation.

Therefore, riding in the dark, you have a clear sight of the things around you, which lowers the chance of getting into an accident.

Why wear a ClearView?

Driving at night is quite risky. But you can’t just stay at home and avoid it. When you need to go out from one place to another, you’ve got to hop in the car and move to the highways.

There is no other way around it.

But at least, you can try to keep yourself safe. To not get a blurry vision from the glares, you can use ClearView, the best night driving glasses. It will make the driving condition a lot better.

No doubt.

Though the question remains, why wear ClearView? There are similar options on the market. So, what makes it better than the rest?


With most of the night vision glasses, you’ve got to get the right frame. That makes the job of finding the proper goggles even harder as you can’t get the right fit. At least, ordering online, there isn’t any chance to get the one that adjusts to your face size.

You’ve got to visit the shop and then only you can pick up the glasses. That’s a lot of work.

ClearView solves that problem big time. You can be rest assured to order them online, knowing that they will fit you.

Why’s that?

That’s because the glasses are adjustable. That’s right. Anyone can get these and start wearing them as you can fit the size. It makes it a great choice as you can keep it in the car to make sure the rider, even if it isn’t you can take them out and wear them when they need it.

The ingenious idea of introducing adjustable hinges on the thing made it a more suitable option for all. You can get the frame to fit your face shape without getting a new frame.

And the best part of all, the tools you need to make the eyewear changes come with it. That makes work easy. Not to forget, the frame in itself is quite impeccable. The temple sits right on top of the ear and doesn’t fall off, which can be irritating.

The same goes for the nose pads, which keep the glasses in their position without letting them slide down the nose—no need to struggle to get the glasses to the right spot all the time.

Clear vision:

Obvious one. It is the whole reason to get ClearView. So, no surprise that it does a good job making sure you get a great view even in dark conditions.

Driving at night is most difficult because you can’t see things properly. You can’t judge things like distances and all that due to the lack of light, of course. But things get worse when suddenly flashes in front of you with a full beam. Right that moment, that light hits the eyes and brightens up everything so much that the eyes can’t adjust to it.

For solving that problem comes the ClearView anti-glare glasses. It will reduce the glaring light to make sure things are visible and not make you go blind. Even if, out of nowhere, a ray of sunshine even comes to the eyes, the yellow glasses will make sure to tune it down and let you see the thing in front. No more crashing into trees or, even worse, hitting a pedestrian trying to cross the road due to glaring lights interfering with your line of vision.

And not that it just reduces the light, it gives you a clearer vision in all conditions. Rain, snow, whatever the weather is, you get a good view of things in front of you.


The regular driving glasses aren’t that great when it comes to dealing with the glare. Yes, they can tackle with a low level of glare, but they can’t filter the high beam like the ClearView when there is too much light.

And not only the light. Even in other adverse conditions like fog or rain, they aren’t any good. You will have a hazy vision, which is the last thing you want on the road driving at night.

With ClearView, there is no such issue. That’s because it has an optical function factor that makes sure it provides a clear sight in front even if it is foggy or rainy.

The best part is that it improves the field of vision by some margin to give you a good look ahead, even if the condition isn’t favorable. That’s something the cheap night vision glasses aren’t able to give to the users. And that’s what makes the ClearView the best night vision glasses for driving.

Quality build:

No one wants a pair of glasses that breaks or gets damaged easily. But most of the driving glasses get made of cheap quality materials. They tend to break quite easily.

Not ClearView.

When you get it in your hands, you can feel that it is built-to-last.

Unlike others, it uses a durable metal frame that doesn’t bend easily. To go with that, it got spring-loaded hinges. You can wear it for hours without feeling a tad bit of discomfort.

There are quality specs that are quite good when it comes to the build. But they aren’t comfortable to wear. However, this got the balance right as it is built to last and takes care of the comfort part.

Just take a look at the airbag nose pads on the glasses. It has tremendous pressure on the nose to keep it in place. It won’t sleep down from its place like the others. But while sitting on there, it won’t cause you any discomfort as the soft material pads give a nice cushion. You can wear it for as long as you want without ever feeling any pain or anything.

Even the spec is lightweight.


Adapt to the night:

The purpose of wearing night glasses is to block the light from coming to the eyes. You don’t want to be riding on a dark road and suddenly get dazzled by a headlight coming from the other side. You can lose sight and get into a severe accident putting your life and others at risk.

The anti-glare glasses of ClearView lets you adapt to those annoying and even blinding LED headlights. With the yellow polarized lenses, you protect the eyes from any direct and indirect light. Not for a single moment, you get a blind spot. It lowers down the risk of getting into accidents, that’s for sure.

Who are the ClearView Night glasses for?

The night driving glasses useful for anyone who has a hard time seeing the road at dark or night time. And it is for everyone. Whether you ride a bike, truck, or a car, you can wear them to find good use in those conditions where it’s hard to make out what is coming from the other side.

But what if you have prescribed glasses to wear. Then what?

No worries. The glasses here work with any prescription. Even if you have a long or short-sighted problem, you can use them with the glasses to get vision correction. In the same way, those who wear contact lenses can use it too.

Therefore, it is for everyone who needs some help with a clear vision at night.

Do night glasses really work?

So, there is an ongoing debate about such glasses. Many night vision HD glasses reviews tend to have a mixed review about such nocturnal specs. Some people think they do work for others, it seems like just a big misunderstanding that makes people think it helps with the dark vision. Since, in certain daylight conditions, glasses with yellow tinted lenses do actually enhance contrast.

To be honest, the mixed reviews don’t come as a surprise as there are many cheap glasses out there. They don’t do the things they claim.


ClearView night vision HD glasses are different from those. Unlike others, the yellow polarized lenses on the glasses work wonders for reducing the amount of light that makes your eyes. The embedded lens in them filters out most of the glare. You won’t get blinded by flashy light beams.

However, there is a misconception that people have about the specs. For some reason, many believe the glasses improve your reflex at looking at things. If that’s what you expect to get from ClearView, then no wonder you will be disappointed with them because no glasses in the world can do that.

The only thing it will do is to improve the way you look at things. Your range of vision will certainly get better wearing them in dark conditions. But no way, you will be able to look at things fast.

How to improve night vision without ClearView?

Anything that can help you with having a clear vision at night, you should give them a try. No doubt, the ClearView is a quick solution, but there are other ways that you can improve the eyesight to cope with the night.

Here are some of them that you can follow.

● Those who wear prescribed eyewear need to be up to date with their prescription. That’s an essential thing as you never know how bad the eye condition is. So, regular checkups are a must.

● Glass wearers also have the issue with smudges on their lenses. Those things even further the glaring problem. To solve that, you can clean the glass with a soft cloth, and you should be good.

● Dirt and dust on the windshield are often the reason your view gets compromised. That’s why cleaning them from inside and out is essential to view the road better.

● Similarly, keeping your windshield wiper clean is also something that you need to consider. Because if it is not clean, your windshield will get even dirty when you use the wiper and get hampered with an even more glary view at night.

● Not only cleaning the glasses and the windshield is enough. Even having a moderate light on the dashboard can make a huge difference. In night conditions, those lights from the car dashboard even can be too much for the eyes, straining them. So, having them in dim mode is somewhat helpful with your vision.

● Doing all that will help, but if you’re feeling like your eyesight is deteriorating a lot, then visiting a doctor is something you shouldn’t delay.

No doubt, all of these things will make a difference. However, those things won’t be enough to deal with a harsh light hitting on the face. It will take for your pupils to adjust to the light, and in that few seconds, something terrible can happen on the road. So, don’t take a chance, and wear a night vision glass like the ClearView.

Can you use ClearView during the day?

Most people think that these night glasses are only useful to use in the dark. And that is true, but not the whole truth. They do work great to deal with the headlight’s reflective light and glares in the dark conditions, but its use doesn’t stop there. Even in broad daylight, the ClearView can make a whole lot of difference.

For the sunny day activities, you can trust it as it will block the UV rays. Instead of wearing regular sunglasses, you can use ClearView. It will protect the eyes better than most eyewear.

Where to buy ClearView?

To get the ClearView night vision glasses, you’ve got to visit their official website. That’s because that’s the only place from where it is available. They aren’t still available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or any of the others.

However, that’s a good thing as you have no chance of getting fooled with fake products similar to this. Another good thing is that you can buy it from anywhere in the world. ClearView supplies their revolutionary glasses everywhere and for no shipping cost. That makes it easier for everyone to get access to it.

Also, it makes it hard for the users to get their hands on them as they ship out real quick. They sell like hotcakes. So, if you’re fast enough, you will have to wait till they get available again in the store.


But the best part is that keeping an eye on the official ClearView website is worth it as they often offer great deals for their specs. Like currently, you can get it for half the price with that free shipping.

So, from $98, it is now available for only $49. Go fast to get your pair right now before it gets out of stock again.


Many people don’t like to get behind the wheel after dark. It makes a lot of sense as people don’t know what might jump out of the dark and cause them to lose control.

Fortunately for them, there is ClearView. The night vision glasses will give you a clear view of the road to make you feel more comfortable riding at those night times.

It will give you a chance not to get distracted by the glare. So, if you need to go out after dark and get behind the wheels, keep ClearView with you or on the car. It will make life a lot easier than you can ever imagine.

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