July 21, 2024


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Motorcycle club rallies to support veterans in need throughout NC

Members of the Quad County Motorcycle Club Coalition begin working on the sidewalk as Art Glennon looks on.

Many bikers get a bad rap, often donned in leather jackets, bandanas and an abundance of tattoos. 

But Navy veteran, and a biker himself, Doug McCue said he and members of the Quad County Motorcycle Club Coalition want to change that first impression all while helping area veterans. 

“We wanted to dispel some of the negative stereotypes to motorcycle clubs,” said McCue. “When we get a chance to show what we have done, that is huge. But we no longer need to be silent. People to need to know what we do.” 

Formed by motorcycle clubs across the state, the group recently visited Lance Cpl. Art Glennon, a Marine living in Kings Mountain. 

Glennon, now 72, recently had a stroke which left him bound to a wheelchair.