May 25, 2024


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Motorcycle sales are up amid high gas prices and nicer weather

GREAT FALLS — With gas prices averaging about $4 dollars per gallon, dealerships are seeing an increase in motorcycle sales, and with the nicer weather, people are ready to head out and engage in outdoor activities.

Sports City Cyclery in Great Falls is seeing more motorcycle sales – but it’s not just people wanting to go out and about. Other issues come into play.

Scott Dailey, general manager of Sports City Cyclery, said, “It’s kind of the perfect storm going on this year. We have spring, tax refunds, gas prices.”

He added, “A lot of people have been coming in about the gas prices and talking about getting some of the smaller bikes that have the high fuel mileage. They’re inexpensive. Starting a little bit above two thousand dollars.”

As gas prices continue to soar, more people are resorting to alternative modes of transportation. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, sales of all on-road motorcycles increased by a little over 14 percent, for the full year of 2021. And this year is expected to be no different.

Dailey has high hopes sales will continue to skyrocket.

“This year, we’re thinking it’s going to be pretty busy with street motorcycles,” he said. “Also this year, we have the electric bicycles from specialize so we’re looking for a pretty big year with what’s going on.”

MTN News talked with several motorcycle dealers, who all said they were unable to go on camera due to a combination of low staff and the high volume of customers entering their doors, which goes to show how busy this spring and summer will be for these businesses.


Sports City Cyclery in Great Falls

Sports City Cyclery in Great Falls