Motorcycle sales are up amid high gas prices and nicer weather

GREAT FALLS — With gas prices averaging about $4 dollars per gallon, dealerships are seeing an increase in motorcycle sales, and with the nicer weather, people are ready to head out and engage in outdoor activities.

Sports City Cyclery in Great Falls is seeing more motorcycle sales – but it’s not just people wanting to go out and about. Other issues come into play.

Scott Dailey, general manager of Sports City Cyclery, said, “It’s kind of the perfect storm going on this year. We have spring, tax refunds, gas prices.”

He added, “A lot of people have been coming in about the gas prices and talking about getting some of the smaller bikes that have the high fuel mileage. They’re inexpensive. Starting a little bit above two thousand dollars.”

As gas prices continue to soar, more people are resorting to alternative modes of transportation. According to the Motorcycle Industry

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Harley Davidson Sales Surge Again

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Whatever happened to the brand being on death’s doorstep?

It’s funny how in October of 2020 as news broke that Harley-Davidson was pulling out of the Indian market, plenty of journalists and analysts lined up to predict the final death of the long-running American motorcycle brand. I was one of the few at the time to realize even though India is the largest bike market in the world, Harley didn’t need to be in it. In fact, I predicted it could be just the kind of break the company needed.

I was vindicated in July of last year when Harley-Davidson sales in North America surged 43 percent for Q2. Some thought it a fluke and still predicted the sky was falling on Milwaukee, yet here we are with the company reporting a 40 percent revenue increase for Q4 of last year, beating the

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U.S. Motorcycle Sales Continued To Rise Across All Segments In 2021

Harley-Davidson Pan America Press Photo

Harley-Davidson Pan America Press Photo

Dual-sport and off-road bikes proved especially popular once again.

On February 2, 2022, the Motorcycle Industry Council announced that 2021 motorcycle sales in the U.S. continued their rise across all segments. While bike sales continue to improve, it’s also worth noting that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation saw enrollment in its basic rider courses grow significantly in 2021, as well. With new riders (and their bikes) comes new responsibility, to paraphrase Uncle Ben Parker, so it’s good news all-around. 

Overall motorcycle sales rose 14.2 percent over 2020, and 21.8 percent over 2019 figures, across all segments. That includes scooters, which by themselves rose 19.6 percent over 2020, and 31.4 percent over 2019 numbers. On-road bike sales rose 12.9 percent over 2020, and both of those things are certainly great to learn, as well. 

What’s especially encouraging, however, is sales of dual-sport and off-road

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Harley Soars as Sales Overcome Supply Hurdles to Beat Estimates By

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By Dhirendra Tripathi – Harley-Davidson stock (NYSE:) surged 7% Wednesday as sales of its iconic motorcycles left supply chain challenges behind to go past estimates in the third quarter.

Adjusted profit per share of $1.18 was well ahead of Wall Street analysts’ estimate of 78 cents as the company shipped 12% more motorcycles and sold more of the higher-margin models.

Operating margin expanded by 360 basis points to 8.4% year as the company’s comparison period included heavier Rewire restructuring charges. One basis point is one hundredth of a percent.

‘Rewire’ is the name the company gave to the exercise it undertook to overhaul its business. It was complete in January, and the company says it laid the foundation for The Hardwire, the company’s 5-year strategic plan to deliver profitable and long-term growth.

Third-quarter revenue from motorcycles and related products rose 20%, to $1.16 billion. Total revenue rose

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