July 14, 2024


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Police issue advice amid huge spike in thefts of motorbikes, scooters and mopeds in Cambridge

Police have issued a warning after a increase in the thefts of motorbikes, scooters and mopeds in Cambridge.

There have been 63 claimed thefts of these kinds of autos across Cambridgeshire in between June 1 and July 5 – and 38 of those people were being in Cambridge, which include 20 in the final week.

Officers say unsecured cars are becoming targeted as they are lightweight and simple to wheel away.

They urged owners to assessment how well they are locking up their motorcycles.

Det Chief Insp Alan Website page mentioned: “We’re viewing an improve in mopeds, scooters and motorbikes of all can make and products getting taken from driveways, car parks and general public places by basically being wheeled absent.

“Thieves only will need a matter of seconds to steal a moped, scooter or motorcycle, especially if they are still left with bad protection. We’re inquiring persons to ‘lock, chain and cover’.”

How to hold your bike/scooter/moped safe

Cambridgeshire police advise owners to lock, chain and cover their vehicle (57799179)
Cambridgeshire police advise owners to lock, chain and include their automobile (57799179)

Cambridgeshire police recommended:

  • Lock: Use a disc lock to aid secure the entrance brake disc.
  • Chain: Use a chain lock as a result of the again wheel and where feasible secure your bicycle, with the lock, to an immovable item like a ground anchor or road furnishings.
  • Go over: Thieves generally ‘shop’ for unique types. Applying a address immediately helps make it significantly less attractive to them.

Det Main Insp Webpage additional: “There are other steps you can consider which includes fitting an alarm, marking parts of the bicycle to make them complicated for criminals to sell on, maintaining your bicycle in a garage or lose or in a very well-lit space with CCTV.”

For extra tips and data check out https://bit.ly/3ablFUh.

Meanwhile, law enforcement just lately spoke about the variety of e-scooters getting ridden illegally in Cambridge, declaring they are focusing on training rather than enforcement because of to the sheer figures concerned.