May 19, 2024


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Sen. Brooks’ legislation protecting motorcycle buyers passes Senate | News

HARRISBURG – The Senate has unanimously approved legislation introduced by Sen. Michele Brooks to enact a Lemon Law for motorcycles, to better protect consumers who purchase or lease motorcycles with manufacturing defects that cannot be remedied after several attempts.

Currently, the Automobile Lemon Law protects those who purchase vehicles by requiring manufacturers to repair any defect that significantly affects the use, value or safety of the vehicle, as long as the defect emerges soon after it is acquired. However, no similar protections are offered to those who purchase motorcycles, leaving the owner to either pay out of pocket for repairs or fix the problem themselves. Senate Bill 82 remedies this inequity.

“Whether a vehicle has two wheels or four, consumers who make major vehicle purchases should be protected from manufacturing defects,” Brooks said.

Under Senate Bill 82, a defective motorcycle would be replaced, or the cost of the motorcycle would be refunded, if the motorcycle could not be repaired after three attempts within one year of the delivery of the motorcycle to the purchaser or during the term of warranty, whichever may occur first.

Brooks thanked ABATE, motorcycle owners and manufacturers for coming together to work on the legislation and for being devoted to motorcycle safety.

Senate Bill 82 now heads to the House of Representatives for that chamber’s consideration.