21-year-old man fatally shot during large dirt bike, motorcycle gathering in Port Richmond: Police

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia police are investigating a fatal shooting of a 21-year-old man in the city’s Port Richmond section.

The incident was reported Saturday at approximately 11:30 p.m. during a large dirt bike and motorcycle gathering near the intersection of Aramingo Avenue and Butler Street.

Police say they were responding to a call of a “person with a gun.”

According to authorities, Angel Rodriguez, 21, of Wissinoming, was riding his dirt bike when another man on a motorcycle shot him in the head.

The shooter then fled the scene, officials say.

The suspect was wearing a dark hoodie and a face mask.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

Rodriguez’s family said he was passionate about motorcycles.

“That was his ability. Everyone has an ability to do something in life, and that was his. Everybody who had motorcycles would look for him to fix their motorcycle,” said the

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1952 Harley-Davidson Captain America Crash Bike

a bicycle is parked next to a motorcycle

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This controversial motorcycle from Easy Rider appears once more…

Back in 1969 Easy Rider wowed audiences with its counterculture flair, making it a hit with people who favored a life of drug abuse, communal living, and the hippie movement in general. Now, the 1952 Harley-Davidson chopper Peter Fonda rode in the movie, which has become an icon itself, went to the auction over the weekend and people are losing their minds. That’s understandable, because the customized bike turned a lot of heads and helped further galvanize that outlaw Harley rider image which is still controversial today.

A motorcycle rider was arrested by police for wearing his helmet. Learn the reason why here.

Called Captain America, the Easy Rider motorcycle hails from the estate of Gordon R. Granger was auctioned by Cord and Kruse on June 5. It features a 74ci Panhead 45-degree V-twin engine,

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Should You Ditch Your Car For A Bike?

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With economic troubles and gas shortages, many are asking themselves this question…

Recently, many people have been questioning if they should buy a motorcycle. With the Colonial Pipeline shut down for almost a week, gas stations throughout the southeastern United States were running out of fuel. And while the disaster is winding down after Colonial reportedly paid the hackers who shut everything down about $5 million to restore service, it’s not entirely unwise to think in terms of what you will do the next time there’s a gas shortage or other emergency.

Considering an electric motorcycle? Learn about the pros and cons here.

Before you start searching fast and furious for a used motorcycle, you need to stop and think about a few factors. Yes, motorcycles are wondrously fuel-efficient machines, so you can go far on little

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This Tesla electric motorcycle concept makes you wish Elon Musk didn’t almost died on a bike

A designer put together a really impressive Tesla electric motorcycle concept that makes you wish the automaker would actually get into the bike business, which Elon Musk says will not happen.

Back in 2018, Elon Musk was asked by a Tesla shareholder if the automaker would ever get into electric motorcycles and the CEO responded:

“I actually use to ride motorcycles when I was a kid. I was into dirt biking for like 8 years or something. Then I had a road bike until I was 17 when I was almost killed by a truck so we are not going to do motorcycles.”

It killed the hope for Tesla to do like Honda or BMW and have their hands in both cars and motorcycles, but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming.

Tesla Model M

Designer James Gawley came up with a very cool concept for an electric motorcycle called Tesla

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