Stratford, UK, Will Not Ban Bike Parking

We were wrong thanks to bad sourcing, so here’s our mea culpa.

There was a misinterpretation of the story regarding the “banning” of motorcycles on the waterside of Statford. There won’t be a ban, but motorcycle parking will be regulated in Bancroft Gardens and the Recreation Ground. A new bylaw is looking to be passed to encompassed three areas. A redraft will change around a few things in the area and the section that involves motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers is as follows: 

Stratford Motorcycle Parking

Stratford Motorcycle Parking

“Motor Vehicles / Motor Cycles / Trailers

15. (1) No person shall, without reasonable excuse (or without the consent

of the Council), bring into or drive in the Grounds a Motor Vehicle,

Motor Cycle or Trailer PROVIDED that where the Council has set

apart a Designated Area in the Grounds for the use of any types of

these vehicles. This bylaw shall

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The ‘Lootera’ Bike That Stole The Show

The 'Lootera' Bike That Stole The Show

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The ‘Lootera’ Bike That Stole The Show

Fans whistled and clapped, and some even skipped a heartbeat when the actor, Ranveer Singh’s character, ‘Varun Srivastav’, in the film ‘Lootera’, first saw ‘Pakhi’, played by Sonakshi Sinha, in the bucolic setting of Hooghly. In the scene, he was riding past her vehicle on a vintage British Ariel motorcycle but soon was bumped off the road, struck with love at first sight.

The movie went on to rock the box office but not many know that the Ariel bike was borrowed from a vintage restorer, who quietly in his small workshop in the heart of North Kolkata, has restored historic motorcycles, building them from scratch.

In Tiretta Bazar, also known as Old Chinatown, an early morning visit will greet one with the aroma of oriental cuisine food, sold by a motley of vendors who prepare items such

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Indian Motorcycle has a new electric bike, no motorcycle license needed

Iconic motorcycle company Indian has teamed up with the equally iconic electric bike manufacturer Super73 to leverage the branding of the former with the high power e-bikes of the latter. The result? An Indian-themed e-bike known as the eFTR Hooligan 1.2.

No motorcycle license necessary.

Indian Motorcycle has teased us with electrification plans before in the past.

When we first stumbled upon the company’s trademarking of the name eFTR, we thought they were building a real electric version of their FTR motorcycle.

As it turns out, we were way off. The eFTR turned into a kid’s electric dirt bike that was released as a partnership with Razor.

Now a new partnership with Super73 is bringing the eFTR badge back, this time on something big enough for adults to ride too.

The eFTR Hooligan appears to be largely based on Super73’s well-known S2 electric bike. Here at Electrek, we

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Motorcycle Monday: Bill’s Old Bike Barn

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Check out this motorcycle museum if you’re passing through Pennsylvania…

If you’re like me, you like to check out cool automotive and/or motorcycle museums as you travel. You might not have heard of Bill’s Old Bike Barn, which is in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It looks like a great place to visit, although I admit I haven’t been there myself, at least not yet. I stumbled across the place after a local news team did a spot featuring it to drum up local awareness.

Check out a huge collection of Mopar muscle cars for sale here.

A lot of places like to put all kinds of crazy crap on the walls to make everything seem vintage and cool. However, most of them just end up looking like a Chile’s or Reb Robin since they’re trying to hard in all the wrong ways. Thankfully, that’s

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