Super73 Debuts Bigger, Faster C1X Electric Motorcycle Concept

Super73 makes e-bikes that offer surprising performance in a friendly package. These bikes are already a great starting point for someone looking to get into motorcycling, but the jump from a Super73 to even something relatively mild by motorcycle standards such as a Zero SR is still a big change.

Now though, Super73 is moving things up a notch. The company announced Tuesday that it’s found a way to make that transition a little easier. It’s called the C1X Concept, and it’s a street-legal electric motorcycle that’s capable of over 75 mph. It’s in a similar category to the Honda Grom. Like the Grom, the C1X would require a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement to ride and insurance to be legal for the road. And also like the Grom, it has a small footprint and a relatively short standover height which should make it less intimidating for riders.

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Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle company floats idea of electric motorcycle

ARCH Motorcycle Company, founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, is known for its bespoke sport cruiser motorcycle production. But while those bikes have always featured internal combustion engines, the duo behind ARCH recently floated the possibility of adding electric power to their lineup.

ARCH was founded in 2011 after Gard Hollinger, a motorcycle customizer, created a one-off Harley-Davidson for Keanu Reeves.

Reeves had asked his friend to perform the customization work, which eventually led to nearly everything on the bike except for the original Harley engine being replaced.

Enjoying the build and ride so much, Reeves ultimately convinced Hollinger to start a motorcycle production company together. And thus, ARCH was born.

In a recent interview shown in a video posted on ARCH’s site, Hollinger and Reeves sat down to discuss the future of the company. And after a decade of building purely ICE-powered designs, the pair seem open

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Super73’s First Electric Motorcycle Blends Retro Styling With State-of-the-Art Tech

Super73 is leveling up.

The SoCal outfit, known for supplying e-bikes to the likes of Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Will Smith, has just unveiled a new electric motorcycle that’s a powerful step up from its signature rides. The new bike comes after 33 percent of Super73’s loyal followers expressed interest in a street-legal motorcycle.

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Named the C1X, the motorcycle bears the company’s signature retro styling but is equipped with battery-powered tech that belies its throwback aesthetics. Somewhere between a pushbike and a café racer, the sleek two-wheeler is lightweight (and presumably agile as a result), but still promises to deliver plenty of grunt (though no horsepower specs were available as of writing).



The new C1X is expected to reach 75 mph at full tilt.Designed for city cruising, the C1X has a small footprint that the team achieved by shortening the wheelbase and downsizing to

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SUPER73 teases upcoming unveiling – Could it be an electric motorcycle?

SUPER73 definitely has something coming next week; we just don’t know what. But a new teaser released by the lifestyle electric bike brand sets the date for March 15 and hints that it could be the company’s highly anticipated (and yet unconfirmed) electric motorcycle.

SUPER73 teases big unveiling

While we haven’t been able to confirm that SUPER73 has an electric motorcycle in the works, signs point to it being a pretty good bet.

The SoCal e-bike company originally teased a big announcement to take place at CES 2022 in early January, but that unveiling was canceled amid the surging Omicron variant and a considerably toned-down CES convention.

The original teaser ahead of CES showed off what appeared to be an electric motorcycle formed into a neon light sign, fueling speculation that SUPER73 was headed in a larger direction.

At the time, SUPER73 shared that “the company plans to turn two-wheeled

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