Check out this lunar electric motorcycle prototype for moon exploration

Lunar rovers are typically four-wheeled electric vehicles, but a new prototype shows how a two-wheeled electric motorcycle may have serious advantages on the moon.

NASA is currently in search of the next lunar rover. German motorcycle design company Hookie thinks they might have it.

And with half the wheels, it sure saves a lot of weight compared to a moon buggy.

The Dresden-based designers built the first prototype of the Tardigrade, a name that they say draws inspiration from the ultra-survivalist microorganisms.

In addition to cutting down on weight, the space-conscious electric motorcycle would significantly reduce the size requirement of any lunar lander carrying it to the moon’s surface – or allow more rover motorcycles in the same space as a four-wheeler.

As Hookie cofounder Nico Müller explained to Interesting Engineering:

“A moon buggy requires almost the same space as 3-4 Tardigrades. The weight is much less than

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Indian Motorcycle Introduces Electric Youth Bike Lineup

Cycle News Staff | October 6, 2021

Indian Motorcycle will be expanding it’s electric youth motorcycle lineup with the introduction of the all-new Indian Motorcycle eFTR Mini.

The new eFTR Mini features much of the same design and styling aesthetics of its larger counterpart the eFTR Jr, but in a smaller, lighter, and more approachable package for new riders. Measuring nearly five inches lower than the eFTR Jr, the eFTR Mini’s 18.4-inch seat height accommodates shorter riders.

Indian Motorcycle eFTR Mini Electric Youth Bike

Here is the press release from Indian Motorcycle…

Minneapolis, MN (September 22, 2021) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, today expanded its electric youth bike offering with the introduction of the all-new eFTR Mini. Along with the eFTR Jr, the eFTR Mini allows motorcyclists around the world to hand down their passion and love for riding to children with a new option uniquely suited to smaller, entry-level riders.

Indian Motorcycle eFTR Mini Electric Youth Bike
Indian Motorcycle eFTR Mini Electric Youth Bike

Boasting the same championship

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Why the 2022 Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle May Be the Coolest Way to Commute

If you’re not careful, the march of time can trample you pretty quickly. One day you’re stuck in gridlock and crying into your coffee, the next you’re navigating a pandemic-controlled commute where traffic is overloading computer servers more than physical roads. Though we now live in a world somewhat unrecognizable from a couple of years ago, daily driving is far from extinct. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for your tear-flavored coffee crawl. There now exists a handy two-wheeled tool that not only makes journeys fun, but can also help you become more eco-friendly and fashion-forward. Meet the 2022 Zero FXE electric motorcycle.

Even before I threw a leg over the bike, I was already excited about the FXE. Frankly, it was love at first sight. The FXE gets its Tron-like lines from the stunning 2019 Zero SM concept penned by San Francisco firm Huge Design. The

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SONDORS Metacycle vs. NIU RQi: Budget electric motorcycle battle!

The SONDORS Metacycle and NIU RQi electric motorcycles are both racing to reshape the market by bringing highway-capable speeds down to commuter-level prices.

The Metacycle and the RQi electric motorcycles actually share a number of things in common.

They were both born out of lighter electric two-wheeler companies, with SONDORS specializing in e-bikes and NIU specializing in e-scooters.

They both promise speeds and ranges that run the gamut from highway riding to city cruising.

They both include removable batteries, a key feature that allows apartment dwellers to recharge even without street-level outlets.

And they both… don’t exist yet?

At least not in any commercial form, as both were promised to arrive by the end of 2021 and both are apparently behind schedule.

But considering the two companies have many years of experience delivering new electric two-wheeler models, both the SONDORS Metacycle and NIU RQi electric motorcycles are expected to show

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