Indian Motorcycles Is Developing Lean-Sensitive Adaptive Radar Headlights To Make Night Riding Safer

Indian Motorcycles filed an extremely detailed patent application for an adaptive headlamp design way back in May of last year, and it was officially published in October. Our friends over at RideApart recently dug it up, and it’s absolutely fascinating. The system uses sensors from all over your motorcycle to provide a speed and lean-angle sensitive pattern of light emission. Having ridden several thousand miles myself in the pitch black of night, I am definitely behind and in support of anything that makes night visibility better.

The patent filing depicts the system functioning on an Indian Roadmaster, but mentions that the technology could be adapted for any other kind of two-wheeled machine, or even jet skis, potentially opening up the tech to other products in the Polaris lineup. It makes sense to start with a Roadmaster, however, as it’s a big bike, and you wouldn’t notice an extra 5 kg

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Here’s how this Charlotte native landed a job as a cast member on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Jan. 27—Lauren Holt was on an extended break from her adopted hometown of L.A., riding out some of the pandemic by staying at her parents’ house in the shadow of her old stomping grounds — Charlotte’s Alexander Graham Middle and Myers Park High schools — when her cellphone rang.

She only answered it out of boredom.

“I thought it was a scam call,” Holt recalls, “because I saw a number that I didn’t know. … I was like, ‘Ugh, well, I’m not doing anything, so I’ll answer it just to see.’ And it turns out it was Lorne Michaels!” ” she continues, her voice quickly melts into giddy excitement at the mere memory.

Yes, that would be the Lorne Michaels, famed executive producer of “Saturday Night Live,” and the purpose of his call was to offer the 29-year-old Charlotte native a spot as a featured player on NBC’s late-night sketch-comedy

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Four people shot, one dead Friday night from two shootings in Jackson only hours apart

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A deadly Friday night in Jackson as four people are shot within a three-mile radius right off the same street. The incident involves two children.

For awhile, Northside Dr. had to be blocked off completely past the Hanging Moss Rd. intersection after shots rang out at about 5:30 p.m. But the mayhem didn’t stop there.

Blue lights from eight police cruisers lit up the road after reports of a man getting shot walking down the road. His condition is unknown.

But then an eight and two-year-old riding in a vehicle traveling west on Northside got caught up in the mess. After the driver was shot at through the windshield he exited the car and police say he ran away on foot. The eight-year-old little girl in the car was shot twice and was transported to the hospital taken into surgery when we last checked. The two-year-old

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Career night turns into comeback win for Carlisle | Sports

SMITHLAND — Late-game heroics Monday night by junior Garrett Hayden in the last seconds of the fourth quarter gave the Carlisle Comets the 62-59 comeback victory over the Livingston Central Cardinals.

Hayden had a career night with 37 points but none bigger than his two free throws with 24 seconds left in the game that gave Carlisle the 60-59 lead.

The Comets were missing one of their key players in senior Blake Elder who suffered an injury in the Caldwell game last week and had to sit out.

Carlisle County head coach Brian O’Neil said Livingston County was riding momentum coming into this game, and with Elder out, someone had to step up.

“The story is Hayden tonight,” O’Neill said. “Then our defense in the second half. My media guy who was on the radio tonight said that we finished on a 16-3 run that was fueled by our defense.”

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