The Mongoora Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount is on sale at Amazon

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Just clamp it to the handlebars, wrap it around your cell, and you're ready for the open road. (Photo: Amazon)

Just clamp it to the handlebars, wrap it around your cell, and you’re ready for the open road. (Photo: Amazon)

Let’s face it: One of the thrills of a motorcycle or bike is the ability to hit the road and let it take you where it may. Every week on Then Came Bronson on NBC, a motorcycle-mounted Michael Parks would tell that San Francisco driver next to him that he was “taking a trip” to “wherever I end up.” Then again, he didn’t have much choice: While a two-wheel ride is great for having the open road ahead of you, you can’t exactly spread a map out on the handlebars. 

Nowadays, our phones can be our navigators, with their GPS functionality, but as anyone who’s ever been ambitious (read: insane) enough

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Coolest Pace Cars For Sale On Motorious

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Set the pace with these slick cars!

Pace cars have been around since the early 1900s, offering a few functions in the Indy 500 – kicking off a race, leading warm-up laps, and assisting with yellow flag cautions. They were thought up as a way to give a race a rolling start, and became a sensational part of the sport, and auto manufacturers discovered that using a pace car as a promotional model was a great marketing tactic. To celebrate this tradition, we dug into the Motorious inventory to find our favorite pace cars for sale.

2008 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

This pace car is a black and silver Commemorative Edition that marks the 30th Anniversary of the celebrated 1978 pace car, the first Corvette to pace the field at the Indianapolis 500. Chevrolet produced a total

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