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There’s A Rare Rotary-Powered Maxton Rollerskate For Sale

Maxton Rollerskate

This is a Maxton Rollerskate and if you’ve never viewed one particular in advance of that might be since just 51 were being crafted again in the early 1990s. All had been driven by rotary engines sourced from the initial-generation Mazda RX-7, and they experienced a suppress body weight of just 1,680 lbs.

In many respects the Rollerskate is an American respond to to the Lotus/Caterham 7, an ultra-light-weight sporting activities vehicle with scalpel-sharp handling, seating for two, and not a whole great deal of added place.

Quick Points – The Maxton Rollerskate

  • The Maxton Rollerskate was created by an American workforce in the late 1980s and early 1990s, headed up and funded by Bob Sutherland, a rich businessman and classic racing enthusiast.
  • Sutherland brought in Dan Ripley to operate the procedure, Michael Mate for the human body style, Ben van der Linden as the guide engineer, and Gary Valler to operate with the suspension and other engineering problems.
  • Maxton was set up in Englewood, Colorado and in purchase to get all-around certain Federal safety and emissions laws it was formulated as a part automobile corporation – they didn’t like the expression package auto.
  • The corporation introduced in 1992-1993, regrettably suitable into the midst of the Early 1990s Recession. This seriously minimal the quantity of future consumers, but 51 production autos would be done ahead of operations ceased.

The Wankel-Run Maxton Rollerskate

The Maxton Rollerskate was made all-around the strategy of taking the compact and light-weight Wankel rotary engine out of the to start with-technology Mazda RX-7, and setting up into a Caterham 7-design and style roadster. It was a stroke of genius that would generate 1 of the very best-managing American sports activities vehicles of its era.

Maxton Rollerskate Specifications

Image DescriptionThis is the initial specification sheet for the Maxton Rollerskate, it includes a valuable cutaway illustration that reveals you how the car is laid out.

Unusually, the Maxton would be developed in Englewood, Colorado somewhat than in the extra classic states like Michigan or California. The organization was founded by rich businessman and classic racing enthusiast Bob Sutherland, who introduced on an all-star crew like Dan Ripley, Michael Mate, Ben van der Linden, and Gary Valler.

A new spaceframe chassis created from square tube metal was made, a lightweight fiberglass system was made to in shape neatly more than the major, and the entire drivetrain was sourced from the Mazda RX-7 – such as the engine, transmission and are living axle rear end.

The concluded car experienced strange styling, such as Bug Eye Sprite-style headlights, a facet exit exhaust, seating for two, and an exceedingly compact motor bay just large more than enough to dwelling the very small RX-7 rotary engine.

With a suppress fat of only 1,680 lbs (762 kilograms), the Maxton Rollserskate was a lightning brief sports motor vehicle with a -62 mph time of just 5.5 seconds. It could outperform nearly something all around a monitor and if you experienced $19,500 USD you could make one particular your self.

The only issue with the Rollerstake was its timing. When it was introduced in 1992/1993 the United states was slipping into a recession. This intended that people today experienced considerably a lot less cash to invest on matters like sports cars and trucks, and people would could afford it had been mainly retaining their pursestrings firmly tied.


Earlier mentioned Online video: This is episode one particular in the series of films made by MotorWeek as they developed a Maxton Rollerskate and filmed the method. All five episodes are accessible on YouTube for absolutely free.

In all, 51 production examples of the Maxton Rollerskate would be built. For quite a few many years they had been seen as a bit of an automotive oddity but now, 30 many years just after the product was initially introduced, the recognition of the abnormal athletics vehicle from Colorado is growing.

The Maxton Rollerskate Demonstrated Below

The Maxton Rollerskate you see here is a 1993 model finished in two-tone black and grey paint, with black upholstery, a removable black smooth major, and 5,000 miles shown on the odometer.

This motor vehicle is run by a 1.1 liter Mazda 12Z rotary motor, it sends power back again by a 5-pace manual transmission, and a constrained-slip differential to the rear wheels. It’s presently using on 13″ Revolution alloy wheels with 205/60 ProMeter LL600 tires.

The suspension is made up of higher and reduce A-arms with Ford-sourced uprights and a Mustang II steering rack up front, with the Mazda-sourced live axle with reduced trailing backlinks, higher semi-trailing hyperlinks, and a Panhard bar in the rear.

It is now getting supplied out of Oak Park, Illinois on Convey a Trailer and you can pay a visit to the listing here if you’d like to read more about it or put a bid.

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Photos courtesy of Provide a Trailer

Maxton Rollerskate