Memorial Day veterans’ motorcycle ride set to return in May, if Pentagon approves

Thousands of veterans advocates are set to renew their annual Memorial Day motorcycle ride around the National Mall next month, but they’re still waiting on Pentagon planners to respond to requests for help making the event safe amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“These people are coming no matter what,” said Joe Chenelly, national executive director of AMVETS, organizers of the Rolling to Remember rally. “This is something that means a lot to people. So we’re trying to make sure there is a safe, responsible environment for them.”

The motorcycle parade is the successor to the annual Rolling Thunder ride which was held for 32 years to draw attention to American service members still missing in action from wars overseas.

Riders in the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day motorcycle procession travel through Washington, D.C. on Sunday, May 27, as part of the annual remembrance festivities in the city. (Ben Murray/Military Times)

The event was one of the largest annual veterans events in America, routinely drawing tens of thousands of riders to the National Mall each Memorial Day weekend. But organizers ended

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Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Review & Set Up: Timing Data & More on Your Wrist

It was only a matter of time before Wahoo entered the sports watch market. The RIVAL automatically transitions from one activity to the next, tracks your transition times, and records time and other data for each segment. Here’s my review and set-up guide.

Last November, the folks in Atlanta dropped the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL into the deep end of the pool to compete with the likes of Garmin, Polar, Suunto, and Coros. For any PEZ readers who happen to be triathletes… you’re the demographic the RIVAL is squarely aimed at.

wahoo rival

What makes it different from all the other watches currently on the market is touchlesses transition. Just hit “start” in triathlon mode and start your first leg (default is swimming). The RIVAL automatically transitions from one activity to the next, as well as tracking your transition times. Just hit “stop” when you cross the finish line.

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Don’t make these 5 mistakes when you set up your spin bike at home

You’ve spent hours reading spin bike reviews and finally decided which one to invest in. You place the order and wait (sometimes more than 10 weeks depending on the bike) and the day finally arrives — your spin bike is here. What next? 

a woman with a knife: Avoid these mistakes when you set up your bike at home. Getty Images

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Avoid these mistakes when you set up your bike at home. Getty Images

One option is to hop on and jump headfirst into a class. But before you do that, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking the time to properly adjust your bike. If you don’t, you may regret it later: Rushing into things can lead to injuries and pain.

Spin bikes are not one-size-fits-all. Everyone needs to make sure their bike is adjusted to fit their unique body — including adjusting for height and arm length. Most bikes come with videos or tips on adjusting your bike to fit your unique

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Collector Car Appreciation Day Set For July 10

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It’s time to mark your calendars and make some plans.

As the coronavirus lockdowns are lifting and car enthusiasts are looking to socialize once more, everyone should keep in mind the upcoming Collector Car Appreciation Day being organized by SEMA, the Automotive Restoration Market Organization, and Hot Rod Industry Alliance. Set for July 10, 2020, this will be the 11th annual celebration of automotive restoration and collecting. In other words, you should start figuring out how you want to observe this important date.

Officially, the date of the 2020 Collector Car Appreciation Day was announced back on December 19, 2019. However, considering the past few months have felt like a few years of chaos for many, you’re completely forgiven for not remembering.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day. Different automotive-related businesses will be doing

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