May 24, 2024


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Tennessee’s “Motorcycle Santa” Hits the Road Early to Spread Christmas Cheer Amid Pandemic

Scorpion_PL/Getty Images

AJ Wolf and his decked-out Harley Davidson have been spreading Christmas cheer throughout Cross Plains, Tennessee, for the past seven years.

But this year, the man known locally as “Motorcycle Santa” was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic to hit the road a few months ahead of schedule.

“After 2020 rolled in, so many people became unhappy, the cheer level dropped, there is sadness, there’s all kind of stuff happening that we sure don’t need, but it’s here,” Wolf told WTVF.

His said that his wife, A.K.A. Mrs. Claus, encouraged him to take out his Harley adorned with antlers, 1,400 lights, and a sleigh.

“She said ‘honey, you need to go out get the reindeer bike and just go and wave to people and get the cheer up, spread some cheer honey, do it somehow,'” Wolf told WTVF reporter Hannah McDonald.

So far this month, he’s taken his unique brand of Christmas cheer to a nearby Walmart and around his neighborhood. The summer heat means he’s wearing a red Hawaiian shirt instead of his usual ensemble. Wolf says that adults have been just as excited to see him as their children.

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In acknowledgement of the COVID-19 crisis, Wolf has also added a new message to his bike. “It says, ‘Santa putting cheer in gear and it all starts here’ which is in a red heart,” Wolf told WTVF.

Keep up the good work, Motorcycle Santa!