July 14, 2024


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The Grip-Lock is a smart, portable way to lock up your motorcycle

With things still in a weird state of semi-lockdown in a large part of the country, more people than ever are trying to take advantage of the great outdoors. We’re going on more walks, bike rides and scooter journeys than ever before, just to keep from going stir-crazy. If your activity of choice involves motorcycling or scootering, you may have run into the issue of how to lock your vehicle. This awesome handlebar security lock could be the dream solution you’ve been looking for. It’s called Grip-Lock, and it’s available on Amazon right now for $49.95.

Grip-Lock mounts at the handlebar, locking both the throttle grip and the brake lever. According to the manufacturer, applying and removing the lock “takes less than 10 seconds.” Each Grip-Lock “contains four hardened steel cores for maximum protection, and the reinforced nylon casing protects the Grip-Lock from corrosion.” It weighs just 11.6 oz and is about 6″ x 1.8″ x 2″, making it super compact and easy to store in nearly any motorcycle glove box. And if you’re wondering, yes, it can be mounted on either the left or right grip. 

Amazon reviewer Jeep-E had this to say in a 5-star review titled, “Quick and easy, use it everyday!”:

“I’ve been using this for a couple months and it’s super quick and in perfect working order – it’s my go-to lock for quick ‘in and outs’ of stores while my precious Ruckus sits outside under prying eyes.”

Of course, no personal protection system under the sun is going to be 100% foolproof, but for quick and easy security, this is likely one of the best. You can learn more, and if you’re interested, pick one up yourself right here.

Grip-Lock Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock – $49.95 at Amazon.com

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