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The Matrix Reloaded Motorcycle Chase Was Stressful For Carrie Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss says filming The Matrix Reloaded’s highway motorcycle chase was a stressful experience when reflecting on the trilogy.

Carrie-Anne Moss has revealed that filming The Matrix Reloaded‘s highway motorcycle chase was a stressful experience when reflecting on the trilogy. Moss starred as hacker and resistance fighter, Trinity, across the Wachowskis’ original Matrix Trilogy, debuting in 1999’s The Matrix. Moss will return alongside Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Resurrections when it debuts on December 22nd.

In one of The Matrix Reloaded‘s most iconic scenes, Trinity joins Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) in retrieving the Keymaker (Randall Duk Kim) from the program, the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson). Pursued by Agents and the mysterious Twins (Neil and Adrian Rayment), the heroes are chased onto a freeway, with Trinity taking the Keymaker with her on the back of a motorcycle in a tense action sequence. After the chase, Trinity escapes, with Morpheus defeating the Twins, and Neo (Reeves) rescuing him and the Keymaker soon after. With Trinity and Neo set to reunite in the long-awaited, upcoming sequel, Moss and Reeves have reflected on their time in the series.


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Speaking to EW about their memories filming the first 3 movies, Moss talked about the stress that the bike stunt brought. She explained she wasn’t an experienced motorcycle rider, and while she did train beforehand, it was without a rider. When filming the actual scene with Duk Kim as a passenger, Moss stated her passenger’s safety was constantly on her mind. With the production on the sequence lasting multiple days, Moss revealed that keeping Duk Kim safe weighed on her throughout the experience and mentally exhausted her. Check out Moss’s recollection below:

“I’m not a very experienced motorcycle rider. I did train on a little bike and then a bigger bike and then a bigger bike.

A passenger who’s life depended on me being impeccable and perfect because I knew that if I allowed my mind one moment of doubt that I could hurt another human being. And I held that for all of those days… It was exhausting holding that mental absolute knowing that I was going to keep him alive.”

Early footage from The Matrix Resurrections has shown that Moss will once more ride a motorcycle in the latest film. First revealed in a video from the set in February 2020, Moss can be seen riding a bike on the San Francisco shooting location, with Reeves as the passenger, alongside a filming crew on a process trailer. In the trailer, fans got a better glimpse of the sequence, with Neo and Trinity being pursued by overwhelming waves of Agents and programs.

With the risk that comes with filming large-scale stunts like the freeway chase, Moss’ fear and stress is completely understandable. Though there are plenty of measures and practices taken to ensure the cast and crew’s safety, there always remains the possibility of error. While The Matrix Reloaded‘s freeway chase is an iconic, memorable scene that stands out, it cannot be understated or forgotten how much effort went into making such a spectacular scene a reality from Moss and the rest of the cast and crew.

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Source: EW

  • The Matrix Resurrections (2021)Release date: Dec 22, 2021

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