July 14, 2024


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Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle

Tips for Choosing Your First Motorcycle

For those who seek adventure, a motorcycle is at the top of their want list. No matter the budget, there is a motorcycle for everyone. Wanting one is easy, but choosing one can be overwhelming. Check out our tips for choosing your first motorcycle to get started in the right direction.

What’s Your Style

Style means a lot of things; let’s break down the three most popular styles of motorcycles.


The standard motorcycle has a simple and sleek design and is an all-purpose bike. It’s an all-around great beginner motorcycle thanks to the seat not being too forward-leaning or rear-reclining. And as time goes on and needs change, it can be easily upgraded with luggage or a different seat.


Otherwise known as the “chopper,” a cruiser is made for, well, cruising.

It isn’t really designed for luggage, but it makes for a great weekend, fun in the sun kind of ride. Cruisers have the iconic chopper handlebars and a low riding seat. Harley-Davidson made the cruiser famous, and it is still going strong today.


For the serious rider, the touring motorcycle is designed with road trips in mind. This style is larger than most and created to hold every amenity, including luggage, great stereo systems, and the most comfortable of seats for the driver and a passenger.

Fit and Weight

Most people don’t just hop on a bike and go. It’s necessary to be fitted to the right bike and have an idea of which fit and weight is best for you.

Balance is key when riding, so while shopping around, stop into a couple of motorcycle stores and ask them to help you see which style best suits your height and weight.

Know Your Budget

All motorcycles look beautiful when they are all cleaned up and ready to sell. Have a clear idea of what you can afford and stick to it. Don’t forget the cost of insurance as well.

Rather than buying new for your first bike, consider purchasing a used motorcycle to possibly save thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, a motorcycle is a worthwhile investment if your budget truly has the room and you take the time to choose what’s best for your lifestyle and your size. Follow our tips for choosing your first motorcycle, and we’ll see you out on the road.