December 4, 2023


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Toyota sees hydrogen-combustion Corolla Cross as EV alternative

Toyota sees hydrogen-combustion Corolla Cross as EV alternative

Toyota thinks hydrogen combustion engines could be a practical option to EVs, and it’s demonstrating the thought with a prototype version of its Corolla Cross.

On Tuesday, the automaker unveiled the hydrogen-combustion Corolla Cross H2 Concept, saying in a press release that the auto would begin tests in northern Japan this winter. It failed to talk about a creation timeline, but stated it truly is “about 40% along the route to commercialization.”

Toyota is greatly associated in hydrogen gasoline cells, but this Corolla Cross has an inner-combustion engine—a 1.6-liter turbo-3 taken from the GR Corolla very hot hatchback—that burns gaseous hydrogen in its cylinders rather of gasoline. The motor received a hydrogen-precise immediate injection system, and the car was fitted with hydrogen tanks based mostly on know-how from the Toyota Mirai, but other than that it mainly resembles a gasoline vehicle. It even has a manual transmission.

Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Concept

Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Strategy

The Corolla Cross prototype incorporates classes realized from motorsports. Toyota introduced earlier last calendar year that it was producing hydrogen-combustion engines for racing, and has because demonstrated them in the Japanese Tremendous Taikyu endurance-racing sequence and in a non-level of competition run on a Globe Rally Championship (WRC) stage in Belgium.

About the class of a single Super Taikyu period, Toyota statements it greater horsepower by 24% and torque by 33%, achieving effectiveness it statements is similar to that of gasoline engines. Toyota mentioned it also improved assortment by 30% and diminished refueling time from approximately five minutes to a single and a fifty percent minutes.

Prior to Toyota, BMW was the most noteworthy example of demonstrating hydrogen combustion as an alternative to fuel cells it produced a hydrogen internal-combustion edition of its 7-Sequence approximately 20 yrs ago. Although some of the drivability (and variety) challenges of that design could be solved by now, one particular main difficulty remains.

Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Concept

Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Thought

Toyota thinks hydrogen combustion “illustrates a different feasible alternate route to zero emissions.” It truly is unclear what the automaker implies by that, even so, because hydrogen combustion does develop some tailpipe emissions, which include nitrogen oxide (NOx)—the pollutant at the main of the Volkswagen diesel scandal.

Toyota argues that hydrogen combustion will attain some amount of emissions reduction although leveraging current fossil gas infrastructure and sidestepping environmental difficulties related to battery-mineral mining. Even if green hydrogen is ready to scale up this 10 years, as latest examination predicts, it continues to be mysterious how Toyota could handle tailpipe emissions in this kind of a car.

The experimental car or truck is additional evidence that Toyota would not system to set all of its eggs in the battery basket. This week it also showed a C-HR plug-in hybrid thought and verified these powertrains nevertheless have a long run in its lineup. The automaker has reportedly paused EV growth as it considers a deeper dedication to battery electric cars. But this week’s concepts you should not altogether propose that an upped EV concentrate on could possibly be the consequence.