June 19, 2024


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Watch An Elderly Man Reunite With His Beloved Motorcycle

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The look of sheer joy on his face is amazing!

Most of us likely have that one ride which we owned a while ago but decided to sell for whatever reason. Maybe you had to make rent, couldn’t afford to fix what was wrong with it, or there was some sort of unforeseen life event. Imagine if it had been 60 years since you’d seen that ride, then suddenly you were reunited with it. That’s exactly what 90-year-old Bill Zandbelt experienced recently, thanks to his two sons.

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Zandbelt used to tool around on his 1956 DKW motorcycle with his wife in the Netherlands. When he moved to Canada, the man left the bike to his brother, who in turn sold it. As one might imagine, it was upsetting to learn the beloved motorcycle had left the family.

Vince and Reid Zandbelt hunted for the DKW, finally tracking down the man who ended up with it. After negotiating, they were able to buy the motorcycle off the other man. The plan is to keep it in the family moving forward. Hopefully, the grandchildren fully understand what the legacy means.

The plan was to present the motorcycle to the elder Zandbelt for his 90th birthday and 60th wedding anniversary. However, the trust steed was held in a cargo container for two and a half months, thanks to bureaucratic regulations. Bill’s wife died before his sons could get the motorcycle out of the government’s hands, but they finally were able to surprise their dad who believed the DKW was long gone.

Watch the video to see the look of sheer joy on the 90-year-old’s face as he sits on his motorcycle once more, the good memories of time spent with his wife flooding in. This is one of the most wholesome, uplifting things we’ve seen in some time.

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