WATCH: Surveillance footage shows shocking moment Ascension Parish man gets hit by motorcycle in parking lot

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– An Ascension Parish man is recovering after being hit by a motorcycle on Thursday evening.

Trynity Richard was walking across the parking lot when he was allegedly struck by Tyler Nelson on his motorcycle. Richard’s injuries were so severe he doesn’t remember anything after the crash except waking up in a hospital bed the next morning.

“It’s really a blur to me… I just remember waking up at 8 in the morning in the emergency room, I didn’t even know I got hit by a bike,” Richard said.

His mother got a call her son was in the hospital but she didn’t know why until she saw the surveillance footage. “I was blown away, I was sick, I couldn’t stop crying because I was just like.. God is so good,” Richard’s Mother April Matherne said.

Richard says the only recollection he has of what happened that

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Four Auto Sales Trends To Watch In 2021

If the massive and diverse U.S. auto industry was a car, you could say its ride on “route 2020” was a bumpy one, with lots of blind spots and detours that led to a fairly comfortable downhill finish, which then ran smack into a crazy roundabout called highway 2021. Although full-year vehicle sales collectively were down, the short-term fourth quarter and December results tell a completely different story, as do the different pockets of problems and prosperity within them.

While it makes sense to look at the industry as a whole, the most telling trends are revealed when broken down into parts, which is exactly what we’ve done with these four key areas of automotive focus that you should watch as we roll into the new year.

New Vs. Used

The push-and-pull between consumers’ preference for new or used cars is set to continue

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Watch Every Car Commercial From Super Bowl LV, 2021’s Big Game

Let’s put our differences aside for a minute because whether you’re rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, we can all come together to appreciate a quality Super Bowl commercial. Especially if it includes cars. That’s why we’ve gathered every automotive ad from 2021’s Big Game for your viewing pleasure and put them right here in one place—we’ll continually update this post with the latest as they’re released, too. Enjoy!

Ford | “Finish Strong: Extended Version”

Ford is using its airtime to continue its #FinishStrong campaign, pushing for unity as “we’re so close” to emerging from the global coronavirus pandemic. There’s nary an F-150 or Mustang Mach-E—or any other Ford vehicle, for that matter—featured prominently anywhere.

General Motors | “No Way Norway” With Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson, Awkwafina

Will Ferrell refuses to let Norway take the crown in electric vehicle sales (per

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Watch A 1939 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead Cruise Japan

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Americans aren’t the only ones in love with vintage Harley bikes.

When you think of classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, you probably automatically assume an American would be the only one interested in riding it. At least, you would if you believe the story some people like to push that in other countries Harleys are looked down upon universally. As you can see in the video accompanying this article, there are dedicated Harley-Davidson riders in other parts of the world like Japan, proving these bikes have a far broader appeal.

You can literally just sit back, relax, and just enjoy this video. Maybe consider putting it on full screen for a truly immersive experience. It might be the closest you get to riding one of these Harleys.

Photo credit: Mecum Auctions

That melodic sound you hear is Harley-Davidson’s EL “hemi” overhead valve V-twin

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