May 19, 2024


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WATCH NOW: Richmond officer struck by motorcyclist doing stunts on Broad Street; police, witnesses differ on events | Richmond Local News

Businesses owners on Broad Street routinely hear the rev of engines as motorcycles ride up and down the street during rush hour, but on Tuesday that turned into a confrontation that ended with a police offer getting struck, a scene witnesses described as “like a movie.”

A video shared with The Times-Dispatch shows the cyclists performing stunts on Broad Street, followed by police cars attempting to stop the group. An officer leaves his vehicle and steps into the road, where he was hit.

According to a press release by the Richmond Police Department, the officer was directing traffic near the intersection of Broad Street and Terminal Place at about 5:13 p.m. when he was struck and injured.

He was transported to a local hospital and is being treated for a head injury. One of the motorcycle drivers was later stopped in Henrico, and charges are pending.

Joseph Kincaid, co-owner of No Limits Nutrition Center, said he watched the whole scene from his storefront.

“I was like, ‘Oh wow, that’s crazy,’ but things like that happen on Broad Street,” Kincaid told The Times-Dispatch.

According to Kincaid, multiple police vehicles were tailing a group of bikers up both sides of the street attempting to flag the drivers down. Police vehicles were lined up to stop the bikers from moving further down Broad Street, and a crowd of people were watching from the sidewalk.