June 21, 2024


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Watch North Texas police officers use ‘incredible’ motorcycle skills to help rescue dog

Two North Richland Hills police officers helped catch a loose dog by using some impressive motorcycle skills on Sunday.

Officers Province and Cortes were running traffic near Boulevard 26 at Baker Blvd. on Sunday afternoon when they noticed several cars on the opposite side of the street swerving and braking, according to the police department. They saw the North Richland Hills Animal Control truck come over the hill and a dog running in the roadway of Boulevard 26.

“Officers Province and Cortes knew they needed to help,” the police department said in a press release. “Together, they worked to coax the dog out of the busy road and pushed him towards an open field nearby. He continued to give chase and seemed to have endless amounts of energy.”

Using their motorcycles, they corralled the dog back to the animal control officer, but at the last second, the dog took a sharp turn and darted away. Officer Province asked the animal control officer for the catch pole, and the two officers raced after the dog again.

Officer Province rode up alongside the dog and, while driving the motorcycles, swooped down with the catch pole to snag him.

“The sweet dog was given to (animal control), who took him to the shelter and helped him cool down,” police said. “Excellent work by Officers Province and Cortes! You definitely showed off some of those incredible skills on your bikes!”

“Teamwork is when you see something needs to be done, and without being asked, you step up, step in, and do it,” NRH Animal Control Manager Menefee said in the press release. “Officers’ Province and Cortes did just that today… Again, I can’t thank you and your officers enough.”