June 19, 2024


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What Do You Think Of This Tesla Motorcycle Concept?

Ash Thorpe, a Californian designer, imagines what a Tesla motorcycle could look like if ever the company decided to build one. In collaboration with Carlos Colorsponge, the new concept is dubbed “The Sokudo.”

Tesla has the Cyber Truck, you know, the truck whose windows cracked during the press launch? Yeah, that guy. This looks like the Cyber Truck’s two-wheeled cousin, with a futuristic look and some very questionable traits. Hey, it’s a concept or rather, an exercise in how not to design a motorcycle for people, I guess? 

It seems like the artists went for a cyberpunk or Cyber Truck-type design with this concept. Thorpe drives a Tesla as well, and that inspired him to create this concept, though he doesn’t ride a two-wheeler himself. That would explain several questionable things about the design. 

Tesla Cyber Bike Concept Ash Thorpe and Carlos Colorsponge
Tesla Cyber Bike Concept Ash Thorpe and Carlos Colorsponge

The bike appears to be created from a hefty amount of carbon fiber and it rides on an aluminum frame. There are a bunch of other goodies as well such as Michelin Slicks, as well as an extremely beefy front brake rotor. Some of you may be wondering: “Where is the swingarm?” I don’t know, either. 

I’d hate to ride this concept since the seat looks like it can carve a channel through my leg, and the footpegs look a bit unsubstantial. Not to mention that there is no ground clearance whatsoever on this bike, so you’re definitely scraping that carbon fiber bodywork whether you like it or not. I’m ripping a little too hard on this bike, but it’s just a concept, which makes it an interesting take on Tesla design on two wheels. 

Though this concept presents an interesting topic of conversation, it could be a few years before the electric mobility brand branches out into the world of two wheels. That being said, and given more refinements, a Tesla electric motorcycle could be very interesting, to say the least, and if a few of this concept’s elements could be molded to fit an actual rider and not a robot, then we’ll have ourselves a very interesting motorcycle in the electric-powered segment.