April 19, 2024


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What is the cause of most motorcycle fatalities?

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There are many motorcycle enthusiasts out there who have a genuine need for speed. But as you hit the road on your motorcycle, there are certain risks you need to be aware of. A motorcycle accident can be fatal.

A severe motorcycle accident could cause a significant head injury or broken bones. In worse scenarios, it could even kill you. The question is – what is the cause of most motorcycle fatalities?

Here are several causes that may shed light on the matter. Let’s get started.

  1. Sudden lane changes – A car or a heavier vehicle might change its lane without warning and hit a motorcyclist. This is quite common on public roads jampacked with drivers who are in a rush. Rushed motorists often fail to signal or check blind spots while changing lanes.
  2. Speeding – If the speed is too high, you could collide with another vehicle. The higher the speed, the more significant the impact will be. And let’s not forget the consequences can be extreme! A speeding motorcycle could collide with a heavier vehicle, or two motorcyclists could hit each other. The risk of a fatal accident grows exponentially.
  3. Car door – When a car is parked on the road, and the driver opens the door without looking behind, a motorcyclist could crash into it and fall from the motorcycle. This type of accident is quite common as most car drivers do not check whether someone is coming from behind or not.
  4. Alcohol and drugs intake – If a car driver had too much alcohol or is under the influence of drugs, they might hit a motorcyclist. The same applies to the motorcyclist – impaired motorcyclists could lose control and get hit by a heavier vehicle.
  5. Inexperienced driving – If you are not an experienced motorcyclist, think twice before hitting the road. The same goes for amateur drivers who make unsafe moves on a busy road or highway. They could hit a motorcyclist due to their negligence. So, it is best to learn and practice car driving before you hit the busy road.
  6. Sudden halts/stops – Some drivers stop their cars suddenly. As a responsible driver, you must stop when there is less traffic. Also, you should also use the indicator to let others know that you are about to stop. The motorcyclist behind the car won’t get to know about the sudden stop, and they might bang into the car. This can be lethal, mainly because the motorcyclist could slam into the car and fall/fly to the other side of the road.
  7. One-way roadways – There are many one-way roadways in many countries. This could lead to an increased chance of getting hit by a bigger vehicle. Motorcyclists should be careful while driving on a one-way street.
  8. Beware of dangerous road conditions – Many roads are adorned with potholes and crumbling pavement. These conditions are extremely dangerous, especially at night. Motorcyclists may lose control and fall in a pothole, or their bikes might slip.
  9. Motorcycle defects – Some motorcycle parts may be defective. Check the vehicle before you head out for a ride.

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Summing up

If a motorcycle crash happened because of the negligence of a car/truck/any other vehicle driver, then the injured motorcycle driver can recover all their out-of-pocket medical expenses. When disaster strikes, get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney, and they will take care of your case.

Motorcycle accidents are extremely severe, especially when you get hit by a larger vehicle. If injuries are so serious that you ended up in a hospital, make sure the accused party covers your medical bills and all out-of-pocket costs.

Motorcycle accidents may lead to brain injuries, broken bones, and life-altering spinal cord injuries. So, you are entitled to compensation for the future, current, and past medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages or earning capacity. But make sure you file a case with the help of an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents.


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