June 19, 2024


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What You Get For $21,999

LiveWire One is the second electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. It gets up to 146 miles of range, and a full charge takes just 60 minutes.

Harley-Davidson is throwing its hat in the electric motorcycle ring yet again, this time with the LiveWire One. It’s the second electric bike from Harley-Davidson, and it looks to combine a compelling mix of tech features, power, and reasonable pricing.

While gas-powered vehicles may still be the norm throughout most of the world, electric options are quickly becoming more and more common. Tesla continues to offer a varied selection of cars and SUVs, Ford has made big steps forward with the Mustang Mach-E and F150 Lightning, and even Hummer has committed to creating electric SUVs and pickup trucks. While electric automobiles are the main focus for a lot of companies, the possibilities for electric-powered vehicles extend beyond that. Harley-Davidson tried launching its first electric motorcycle in 2019, but due to production issues and high pricing, it never made a big impression. A couple of years later, the company thinks it’s finally cracked the code.

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Harley-Davidson’s new electric motorcycle is called the LiveWire One. It has a retail price of $21,999 before any federal tax credits are factored in, but according to Harley-Davidson, the final price should be $19,799 once those are accounted for. For that price, the LiveWire One has a fair amount to offer. It touts a city and highway range of 146 and 95 miles, respectively, a DC Fast Charge system that takes the bike from 0 – 100 percent in 60 minutes, and a 6-axis IMU that “tracks, measures, and anticipates change.” LiveWire One can also be personalized with custom driving modes, allowing riders to tweak the experience to their exact liking. And, most important of all, the motorcycle is available in Liquid Black and Horizon White colors.

Optional Upgrades For The LiveWire One Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson's LiveWire One electric motorcycle

Although there’s only one model of LiveWire One to choose from, there are two optional accessory packages that can be purchased with it. The first is the Radius Carbon Fiber Kit, which includes a carbon speed screen, carbon trail cowl, carbon tank strap, carbon transmission accent cover, and carbon brake reservoir cover. All of that is available for $1,299.95, with installation included in that price. The other accessory package is the Rizoma Precision Billet Kit, which is described as offering “high-end functional parts that set your LiveWire apart.” It costs the same $1,299.95 and comes with a Rizoma charge door, mirrors, hand grips, passenger footpegs, and rider footpegs. Once again, that includes installation of all the accessories.

Taking a closer look at the actual buying process, purchasing a LiveWire One could prove to be rather tricky — at least initially. Anyone can customize and finalize most of their purchase on the LiveWire website, but they’ll then need to visit a select Harley-Davidson dealership to actually pick up the bike. Only 12 dealerships across California, New York, and Texas will be allowed to sell LiveWire Ones right off the bat, though Harley-Davidson says more will be added over the coming year.

That’s certainly a damper for anyone that doesn’t live in those three states, but for someone that does and is interested in an electric motorcycle, the LiveWire One looks to be one of the best options yet. Its range is solid, the driving experience sounds promising, and the $21,999 price tag is a good deal cheaper than the $29,799 Harley-Davidson still asks for the original LiveWire.

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