Day: October 15, 2020

Pattaya milk shop owner caught selling ketamine in 2020

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The owner of a milk shop was arrested for selling powdered ketamine and a teenager from a nearby tattoo shop was taken for drug testing during raids on the two premises in Chon Buri’s Pattaya beach town in the early hours of Tuesday.

A team of police and Bang Lamung officials raided Show Nom shop, which sells milk and bread, in South Pattaya and found a man identified later as Supakit Chumpoo putting liquid Ketamine online store   in a microwave oven to convert it to powder around 1 am on Tuesday, said Bang Lamung district chief Chakhon Kanchanawatta.

Four packs of powdered ketamine, 11 bottles of liquid ketamine, about 100 empty bottles, one ketamine pill and about 7,000 baht were seized from the shop.

Mr Supakit, owner of the shop, confessed he had bought liquid ketamine from a seller at a pub in South Pattaya for 1,300 baht a … Read More