Day: October 24, 2020

Octavia Spencer Shares Why She Broke Down in Tears Over Keanu Reeves’ Birthday Tribute

Good friends are so hard to come by, but apparently not for Octavia Spencer.

During a virtual Oct. 22 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Help actress shared how she didn’t get to spend her 50th birthday how she originally planned—with multiple dinners and a retreat to Hawaii with her team. Instead, the Oscar winner received special, star-studded tribute videos from close friends, past co-stars and more.

Chris Evans is a dear friend. Katy Perry is a dear friend. Then Keanu Reeves, you know like, surprised me,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel. “Of course I started crying like a baby, like, ‘Keanu!’ It was so fabulous.”

She continued, “He’s somebody I like and my friends know that and it was like the sweetest thing.” The Constantine actor was actually the first celebrity she met when she moved from Alabama to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

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