Day: December 11, 2020

Kriega Backpacks Are Worth The Money

One great aspect of motorcycle riding we don’t often hear about is the never-ending search for gear. I’ve sampled a lot of gear to find my perfect setup for a given ride or commute, and I want to share brief overviews in this ongoing series.

I’ll explain why I loved or hated the gear, and even why I’d keep it on after a ride — if only we could hurry up and normalize wearing helmets and leathers at our desks.

I’ll start with backpacks from Kriega, specifically the R15 and R20. These are not new to market, but Kriega made an impression on riders with a broad range of packs. The R15 (about $139 at major moto gear sources) and R20 (about $159) have a 15-liter and 20-liter volume, respectively. They make great daypacks, but I would want something bigger for an overnight or two-day ride.

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Used Vehicles For Sale Online Close to Me

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