Day: June 5, 2021

Harley-Davidson Has 22% Upside as Sales Start to Heat Up, Says Analyst

Sales of Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) motorcycles are roaring back to life, according to one Wall Street analyst who believes that’s worth lifting his price target on the stock from $55 per share to $60, or 20% above where the bike maker’s stock closed on Thursday.

Wedbush analyst James Hardiman tells investors in a research note that his channel checks show Harley-Davidson is gaining traction among motorcycle buyers again. April sales were running 5% to 7% above the levels they hit in 2019 while May sales were sprinting higher by low double-digit rates.

If those figures pan out, it could mean the motorcycle manufacturer truly has found the bottom of its yearslong sales slide.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 motorcycle being ridden in the desert

A Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250. Image source: Harley-Davidson.

Investors have been burned before by overly optimistic assessments of Harley-Davidson’s ability to pull out of its sales decline, but there could be something this time to Hardiman’s

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Watch Mark Wahlberg Jump a Motorcycle Off a Cliff Onto a Plane (Video)

Mark Wahlberg can do it all in his new movie “Infinite,” and he’s had centuries of practice.

Wahlberg in his new film plays a man who begins to see visions of places he’s never been or of people he’s never met, only to realize these visions are memories of his past lives. He’s part of a secret group called “Infinites” who retain their memories and abilities as they’re reincarnated, only Wahlberg’s memory has been reset, but he can still wield a mean sword or pack a punch like no one else. He now has to fight to save humanity and the world from an old rival Infinite who seeks to end all life and stop the endless cycle of reincarnation.

All of that culminates in one incredible sequence near the end of this final trailer, in which Wahlberg rides a speeding motorcycle off a cliff and lands it on top

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Kawasaki has electric, hybrid and hydrogen motorcycle plans

The automotive sector is up to its kneecaps in the global shift from fossil fuels to electrification, but major motorcycle manufacturers have so far dipped nothing past their their big toes into the electrified waters. We expect that will slowly begin changing in the coming years, a notion that’s buoyed by a recent presentation shared by Kawasaki’s massive industrial owner. But instead of going all-in on batteries and electric motors, Kawasaki will take a measured approach to minimizing emissions with a multi-pronged plan.

Right now, Kawasaki is testing an electric motorcycle that’s codenamed Endeavor. It is rumored to have performance similar to a 400cc gasoline bike and is powered by a large lithium ion battery pack. We expect a production motorcycle with a Ninja-like full fairing sometime in the near future. But Kawasaki is scattering its zero-emission eggs in multiple baskets. According to this slideshow, the company “will

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