Day: July 4, 2021

Antique Motorcycle Riders Hit Road for Cross Country Chase | Alabama News

By PEGGY USSERY, Dothan Eagle

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) — Motorcycle riders learn a lot of tricks while on the road.

Plastic shopping bags can keep your socks dry when your boots get soaked. Just slip them over your socked feet and put on your boots. Also, on long road trips pack for the motorcycle’s needs, not your own — especially if riding an antique bike. And never doubt the kindness of strangers. The best stories, after all, are breakdown stories.

When riding an antique motorcycle, Doug Wothke’s favorite tool is a hammer he keeps strapped to the bike.

“If I can’t fix it with a hammer, I’ve got an electrical problem,” Wothke said.

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Wothke of Headland and fellow riders Berry Wardlaw and Vivian “Gypsy” Charros of Dothan will join more than 100 other riders from around the country for the 2021 Cross Country Chase. The run is designed

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