July 21, 2024


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FHP: 1 person dead after colliding with empty passenger bus

The crash is still under investigation.

SARASOTA, Fla. — Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating a crash that left a 42-year-old man dead and three other people with injuries late Friday night in Sarasota, a news release reports.

A motorcycle was traveling eastbound on Clark Road in the left turn lane approaching Lawton Drive while a van was traveling in the westbound lanes on the same road.

FHP says the motorcycle “failed to negotiate the turn” and ended up colliding with the concrete median curb.

The 42-year-old driver of the motorcycle and a 20-year-old passenger were thrown off from the bike and came to a rest on Clark Road, the release explains.

The motorcycle continued to travel into the path of the westbound lanes on the road and hit the front-right of the van, FHP says. This forced the bike to be redirected into the center lane where an empty Sarasota County Area Transit bus was.

The front of the passenger bus collided with the motorcycle, FHP reports. The 42-year-old driver was also hit with the right side undercarriage of the bus.

The motorcycle driver died while the passenger was left with serious injuries, the release explains. The driver of the van and the driver of the passenger bus were left with minor injuries.

The crash is still under investigation.