May 24, 2024


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Here’s how Westport residents can recycle bicycles on Earth Day

WESTPORT – It all started with a photo of a good bicycle in a dumpster, according to Westport Bike Committee Secretary Betty Low.

Low recalls that 2020 photo she took at the Westport Transfer Station.

Low and fellow bicycle enthusiasts have used it as motivation to start a bike recycling program on Earth Day weekend. This year, on April 23 and 24, any town resident — with or without a sticker — can visit the transfer station in search of a bike or to recycle an old bike.

“In the midst of the pandemic, when people were biking in record numbers yet bicycle stores were very low on inventory it seemed a crime to see good bikes getting tossed in the dumpster,” Low said.

The Westport Bike Committee took their bike recycling program one step further for Earth Day 2022.

The Westport Bike Committee took their bike recycling program one step further for Earth Day 2022.

Low said the program has evolved. In 2020, the committee got permission from the Board of Health for a sign at the transfer station that directed people to recycle bikes at Yesteryear Cyclery in New Bedford.

Many residents complained that the location was too far.

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Last year, the committee brought the program to Westport but those without transfer station stickers could not participate.

“This is why, this year, we got permission for all Westporters to recycle unused bikes on Earth Day Weekend April 23 and 24 … and our committee is always looking for volunteers,” Low said.

She and bike enthusiasts even have a slogan – “take a bike, leave a bike and ride a bike.”

As far as the regional bike path, many bike enthusiasts hope to one day ride a bike from New Bedford to Fall River.

Westport Bike Committee Chairwoman Gail Roderigues reported that representatives of the South Coast Bikeway Alliance met with SRPEDD earlier this month to narrow the feasibility study’s preferred route.

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This proposed route will connect Fairhaven with New Bedford through Dartmouth, then to Westport and Fall River.

The SCBA received a $40,000 grant two years ago to explore potential paths that could connect several SouthCoast communities.

For residents wishing to get a bike or drop one off, the committee says participants need to stay in the right lane and let an attendant know that they are there for the bike program. The bike recycling area is on the lower level behind the glass recycling area.

The transfer station is located at 72 Hixbridge Road.

This article originally appeared on The Herald News: Earth Day recycling program urges Westport take a bike, leave a bike