June 21, 2024


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Kristin Armstrong and Partners to Launch Women’s Cycling Lifestyle and Coaching Community

Co-founded by mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and 3-time Olympic gold medalist, Kristin Armstrong, KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching (KX3) officially launches on Tuesday, January 19 at 6:10 a.m. PST / 7:10 a.m. MST in conjunction with a new weekly KX3 Women’s Freestyle Group Training Ride on Zwift. The name KX3 is a tribute to Kristin and her three gold medals won in the women’s individual time trial in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic Games. The company’s first offering will be a three-part, 18-week coaching system created by Armstrong. Each of the three 6-week coaching programs are available through TrainingPeaks and provided in three different formats. The three formats are unique to riding entirely indoors on Zwift, 100 percent outdoors, or a hybrid of both, giving the athlete the most relevant and effective program possible.

Left to right: Nicola Cranmer, Kristin Armstrong, Heather Hill-Foster

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KX3 will be membership-based, and in its initial launch phase will be focused on growing community through a number of different touch points. Members will have access to monthly live Zoom Group Coaching sessions led by Kristin Armstrong and joined by experts in a number of fields, monthly social connection via Zoom through coffee and wine chats on shared topics, invitations to special Zwift group rides, meetups, and structured workouts, and special discounts on KX3 industry partner products and merchandise. In early spring 2021, KX3 will introduce a comprehensive online platform where members will have additional access to a welcoming and supportive community of women looking to gain further strength, confidence, and connection through the sport of cycling. The KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching community will ultimately deliver robust educational content such as how-to videos, recipes and nutrition, strength training, indoor/outdoor riding tips, technology in cycling, favorite rides, exclusive add-on classes and experiences and more for members.

“This idea is more than 10 years in the making, and I’ve finally teamed up with two women I trust implicitly, to bring our collective passion, knowledge, and experience in the world of cycling to women of all ages and abilities through our new group coaching platform,” said Kristin Armstrong, co-founder of KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching. “Cycling has brought so much to our lives personally and professionally, and through KX3 we’ll deliver more than just training plans—we’re looking to grow a trusted community created by women for women, where we can turn for connection, ideas, helpful and educational content, and opportunities to serve as mentors—and mentees.”

Whether you’re just getting started and need guidance for indoor or outdoor cycling, or you’re looking to take your cycling to the next level as a junior athlete, recreational cyclist, stay at home mom, time-strapped executive, or otherwise, KX3 provides a blueprint for members to identify, outline, and map to personal outcomes and individual goals. The KX3 Group Coaching format offers the feeling and support of a team or community to learn and grow together through regular touch points, shared experiences, challenges, and successes, while also providing easy-to-follow structure, accountability, and most importantly fun!

Armstrong’s two founding partners in KX3, Nicola Cranmer and Heather Hill-Foster, are long-time cyclists and bring extensive and varied experience and expertise in the world of cycling to the executive team. While Armstrong is recognized internationally at the highest performing level in the sport as an athlete, coach, and team director, Cranmer and Hill-Foster offer balance and a broad perspective to ensure the company’s strategy and execution remain relatable to women at every level in cycling.

Cranmer’s experience as a professional mountain biker was pivotal to her founding the TWENTY20 (now TWENTY24) Women’s Professional Cycling Team in 2004, where her leadership has been all-inclusive from operations and staff management, sponsor acquisition and support, to athlete recruitment and development, marketing and social media management. Nicola has been honored for her work in women’s junior and professional athlete development at the national and international level including multiple Junior and Elite World Champions and Olympians. Her knowledge and passion for the many disciplines of cycling carry through to creating experiences and opportunities for participants at every level of the sport.

“KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching will really be filling a gap when it comes to opportunities for women to learn from the best, no matter where they are starting on the bike or where they live in the world,” said Nicola Cranmer, co-founder of KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching. “Our goal is to blend quality experience and educational content within a globally supportive environment for women to learn, share, connect, and grow towards their own personal successes. The dynamics of the sport provide the perfect environment for cyclists at every level to encourage one another and ultimately reap the benefits of shared knowledge, accountability, and community,” she added.

Hill-Foster has brought her passion for community, recreation, healthy lifestyle, and doing good for others to light through her work and leadership with organizations such as the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, Medalist Sports, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., St. Luke’s Health System, Special Olympics International, the UCI Chrono Kristin Armstrong, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Much of Heather’s experience has been focused on engaging people through their love of cycling and multisport, and creating high-quality, meaningful, and impactful experiences for participants.

“We want to bring more women to this place where they fall in love with what bikes do for us,” shared Heather Hill-Foster, co-founder of KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching. “Riding your bike is a means of building friendships, easing stress, learning new skills, preparing for and accomplishing goals, and sharing stories along the way. I have always turned to sport and nutrition as a means to feel happier and stronger both physically and mentally, and I’m excited to bring my passions for cycling, cooking, and overall wellness, as well as lessons learned, to what we offer our members around the world through KX3,” she continued.

KX3 membership is $14.99 per month, and includes access to monthly live Zoom Group Coaching webcasts with Kristin Armstrong and other experts in a variety of fields, monthly Zoom social events, invitations to Zwift group rides and meetups, and discounts on KX3 industry partner products. The cost for each 6-week coaching program on TrainingPeaks is $49.99 and the first DEVELOP phase is available now. Purchase of the 6-week TrainingPeaks program(s) is not required to join KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching and to receive membership benefits and vice versa.

TrainingPeaks programs are available to anyone wanting to take advantage of the coaching expertise provided by Armstrong, while tracking their progress towards their individual fitness goals.

About KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching
KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching (KX3) provides a trusted community and simple-to-follow blueprint for women to gain confidence, strength, and performance on the bike, through indoor/outdoor cycling coaching programs, supportive and educational content, and a place for connection. KX3 was co-founded by mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristin Armstrong, along with partners Nicola Cranmer and Heather Hill-Foster. The name KX3 is a tribute to Kristin and her three gold medals won in the women’s individual time trial in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic Games. Start training with KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching today at TrainingPeaks. To learn more, follow us on Instagram @KX3LifestyleAndCoaching or visit KX3LifestyleAndCoaching.com.


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