May 25, 2024


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Lotus Eletre electric SUV revealed

Lotus has unveiled the Eletre, an electric SUV and the first of a range of EVs from the British sports car manufacturer.

The Eletre, which will be followed by three more ‘lifestyle’ electric models, is the first step in the company’s planned transformation from a niche sports car manufacturer to what its management describes as a “truly global performance car brand”.

The Eletre is dubbed a ‘hyper SUV’ – built on a new electric platform designed in-house by Lotus, the four-wheel-drive vehicle will offer power outputs starting at 600hp. Lotus expects it to record a sub three-second 0-62mph time and be capable of a top speed of 161mph.

The vehicle will also boast battery capacity to match its output – the 800-volt powertrain will use batteries of 100kWh plus. Official battery range is targeted at 373 miles, while an onboard charger of 350kW capacity will allow the car to recover 248 miles of range in just 20 minutes from a suitable charging point.

Technology highlights include a new design of sensors for full level four self-driving capability, cameras replacing rear-view mirrors and an interior which features a slim strip ‘ribbon of light’ and uses mood lighting to communicate with occupants, charging colour for example if a phone call is received.

While designed in Britain, the Eletre will not be built at the Lotus plant in Norfolk. Instead, production will take place at an all-new facility in Wuhan (yes, that Wuhan) in China, built by Chinese giant Geely which now owns the British manufacturer. Prime markets are expected to be in Asia and the US – as a large performance electric SUV, the Eletre currently has few direct rivals.

Orders for the Eletre are now being taken, though the price has not been revealed, and the first cars are expected on UK roads in 2023, which should make it the company’s second electric model if the much-delayed Eviya hypercar finally starts rolling out later this year.