June 20, 2024


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Officials warn to be cautious of motorcycles on the roadways this summer

DAVIESS Co., KY. (WFIE) – As the weather gets warmer, we’re starting to see more motorcycles on the roadways. We’re also seeing more motorcycle accidents like the one in Daviess County.

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The Tri-State has had three fatal motorcycle accidents in just the last week.

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These safety tips from officials are universal when driving a motorcycle and driving next to one.

”Give a little more distance when you’re following a motorcycle,” Major Barry Smith with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said.

That’s just one tip Major Smith gives for drivers riding along motorcycles this summer.

Officials say the main precaution you can take when driving your car is to take that second look.

”Motorcycles on the road are a lot smaller obviously and can be missed when looking and pulling out in front or swapping lanes,” Major Smith said.

So what safety precautions should you take if you’re planning on riding a motorcycle this summer?

”The first thing we all talk and think is that we are invisible, and the cars don’t see us,” Dan Bondurant, the Senior Ride Captain for Kentucky Patriot Guard said.

Dan has been riding a motorcycle since high school and has had his fair share of run-ins with dangerous roadway situations.

”He says, ‘lookout, a semi coming on the right.’ Of course, naturally out of habit, looked to the left and he blew by us running at least 75 over on the shoulder,” Bondurant recalled.

Now Dan serves on the safety course list with the Gold Wing Riders, too.

He says even the most experienced riders should take advantage of safety courses.

”It teaches you things you don’t think about and muscle memory,” Bondurant said. “When something happens, you don’t have to think, you just react.”

But did you know you could potentially make the roadways a little more dangerous for bikers by just simply cutting your grass?

”Do not mow the grass in the road. They don’t realize that grass is like a wet road or if it gets wet, it’s just like ice. If it’s in a curb and you have to hit your breaks, you’ll be laid down in a heartbeat,” Bondurant explained.

Motorcyclists say if you’re new to riding, it doesn’t hurt to join a group that experienced riders can help you through navigating the roadways.

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