Summer rise in motorcycle crashes hits home with daughter | News

ANDERSON — Nearly a month after her father was struck by an SUV while riding a motorcycle, his daughter says he is still receiving care for his injuries.

Tasha Gilbert, of Anderson, said her father was released from the hospital into a rehabilitation facility last week.

“He still has bleeding in his brain, but they did end up taking the ventilator out.”

Anderson police say Corena Swain was intoxicated and driving an SUV when she struck Lawrence “Kelly” Jones, 47, and his passenger, Lisa Widener, 51, at 11:05 p.m. June 10, Anderson police said.

Swain, 49, is charged with a Level 5 felony causing serious bodily injury when operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

A portable Breathalyzer test showed Swain’s blood alcohol content was 0.205% — more than twice the legal limit — shortly after the accident. She was uninjured.

“It feels like the number of motorcycle accidents is rising,” Gilbert

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Summer Motorcycle Gear to Help You Beat the Heat

motorcycle gear guide summer 2021

gregor halenda

“It’s about a million degrees outside!” you bleet. “I can’t wear my Marlon Brando-era leather jacket when I ride! I’ll die of heat exhaustion! I’ll just risk riding in a tank top, shorts and flip flops.”

If you hear any of your riding buddies say this, stop them immediately and get them some of the gear listed below. You don’t have to give up safety to ride in the dog days of summer.

While you can get all this gear via mail order, unless you are really sure about your size it might be better to go to your favorite moto-gear store so you can get the best fit. Alpinestars offers a payment plan for the gear, so the hit you take is softened, just like the gear that protects you should you fall.

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Officials warn to be cautious of motorcycles on the roadways this summer

DAVIESS Co., KY. (WFIE) – As the weather gets warmer, we’re starting to see more motorcycles on the roadways. We’re also seeing more motorcycle accidents like the one in Daviess County.

[READ: Name released of driver killed in Daviess Co. motorcycle crash]

The Tri-State has had three fatal motorcycle accidents in just the last week.

[READ: Motorcycle driver dies after crash on Evansville’s west side]

[READ: Police identify man who died after Owensboro collision]

These safety tips from officials are universal when driving a motorcycle and driving next to one.

”Give a little more distance when you’re following a motorcycle,” Major Barry Smith with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said.

That’s just one tip Major Smith gives for drivers riding along motorcycles this summer.

Officials say the main precaution you can take when driving your car is to take that second look.

”Motorcycles on

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High 10 Summer Season Home Improvement Initiatives

If you’re planning on hiring professionals, you’ll appreciate the part on working with contractors, understanding contracts, and managing complex transforming projects. In 2020, for the primary time in a decade, the home renovation market is projected to decline. Slowdowns in the housing market are resulting in much less spending on home improvement, based House & Home Improvement on theHarvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. So, what does this imply for your personal home and the kinds of projects you might be considering? As you make your plans, take notice of these 10 trends that will have an effect on pricing and companies in the 12 months forward.

What is the most popular home improvement?

Floors and Ceilings
So, it may come as no surprise that 5.2 million homeowners replaced carpeting, flooring, paneling, or ceiling tiles in 2017. In fact, overhauling surfaces underfoot and overhead was the most popular home improvement

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