June 19, 2024


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Oklahoma City motorcycle community mourns friend’s death after crash

DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A motorcycle community is mourning the loss of their friend after he died following a fatal motorcycle accident.

“It’s a total different look at life, being on the back of a bike,” Stephanie Tierney told KFOR.

It was on the back of a bike where Tierney lost her best friend, Jason Silva, back on Aug. 22.

“He wouldn’t want anyone to stop riding just because of what happened to him. He would want everyone to keep doing what they love doing,” Tierney said.

It happened at the stop sign at Reno and Sunnylane.

“He turned on to Sunnylane. We kept going straight and, maybe about 3/4s of a mile, a vehicle pulled out on the right hand side there, just pulled out, didn’t see him,” she said.

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Jason Silva

Silva’s bike was totaled. He was rushed to OU Medical Center.

“He was supposed to be at my house. I stayed up until 12, didn’t hear from him, and then I tried to find him because he never showed up at work. My husband called and said he never showed up at work,” Tierney said.

She made some calls and eventually learned what happened.

“Whenever I got to OU that morning, they wouldn’t let me in. They had a police officer meet me outside and that’s when they told me that he was DOA,” she said.

Now, Silva’s friends and loved ones have a plea for the public.

“All that any motorcyclist asks, is to take five extra seconds, not even a minute, not even a full second, half of a second, just to check that there’s not a motorcycle near you coming or anything like that,” said Tierney. “He’s seriously one of the greatest people I ever met.”